I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the last year. There seems to be something missing. I read so many emails from all of you and the e-mails seem to always be about a man, a man that you’re hung up on.  A man that you want to understand more.

A man that doesn’t seem to understand you or want the same things. Everyday I get emails from women that tell me they’ve been with a man like that for years.  Years, and the man hasn’t changed or he’s not what you thought he was, but you want to find a way to get him to be what you want. There’s a pattern.

Part of the pattern is that it is difficult to think abundantly when it comes to relationships.  It’s more common to have limiting beliefs. So when you finally get a relationship — listen to the way I’m phrasing those words – ‘finally get a relationship’, when you finally get a relationship, you settle for something that isn’t what you need, want and desire.

You stay in this relationship. Maybe it’s good at first. Then, you realize the relationship doesn’t work. Then you try to find ways to make the relationship work. Unfortunately, deep down the relationship was never going to work.  It all starts from within.

If you don’t have an abundance mind set, you will settle for that relationship that wasn’t really exactly what you wanted. It’s not your fault.  At the beginning of each new relationship, the other person presents a blueprint to you. No different than an architect. Everybody has a unique blueprint for love and relationships. When we first start dating somebody, we get caught up in the moment. We want a relationship, and we find somebody who we think is great. But we tend to ignore what their blueprint is telling us. Sometimes we’re afraid to reveal our own blueprint for fear of rejection.

It’s totally natural. Success in a relationship or marriage is really is as simple as understanding your own love blueprint. We all have a unique one. I will describe mine to you:

I desire a woman who’s loving, affectionate, supportive. A woman who knows how to communicate. A woman who is sexually open and free. A woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, yet understands the subtle differences between man and woman.  But this is not about me.  This is about you.

Your blueprint is what?

Fill it in.  Say my love blueprint is…

Talk about what you need, want and desire. The next time you’re dating, look at the blueprint that is presented to you from this man.  Last week, I went really deep into the love blueprint on a free training call (click here to listen to a replay of the call).

I’m also hosting a live seminar on the love blueprint, Valentines Day, 2015 in Los Angeles.  If you want to know how to create lasting love with the partner of your dreams, check my first ever, co-ed seminar.

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