The old song still rings true from the 50s:

Breaking up is so hard to do.

Not only are we aware of our own feelings at the time, but of our soon-to-be-ex’s also.

So in a world full of chickens, there are things to keep in mind when you break up with somebody.

Firstly, never do it the technology route. Never text a breakup, never e-mail a breakup, never voicemail a breakup, never Facebook a breakup, and don’t think about changing your Facebook status until you’ve told them that it’s over.

Too many people will take the easy way out.

I remember years ago, Sylvester Stallone broke up with a woman via FedEx. (Well, it was still called Federal Express back then.) It made me laugh so hard when I heard about it, I came up with a new slogan for them:

When you Absolutely, Positively have to break up overnight.

But unfortunately, in today’s technology world, people will break up via text and all of the above.

Here’s the deal: you’re dealing with another human; you’re dealing with somebody that you once had feelings for; you’re dealing with somebody that you need to respect and honor.

When breaking up with somebody, you need to give them freedom to pursue a more fitting relationship. Sting had it right all those years ago: when you love somebody, set them free.

But they also need to know why the relationship is over, they need closure, so it’s time you fess up. It’s time you told them honestly, why it wasn’t working out, so they can learn from the lessons that they’ve experienced from you from this relationship.

Every relationship has valuable lessons that we need to learn so that we can go on to have more successful, healthy relationships in the future.

If we do not have the breakup talk, face to face, in person, being 100% authentic real and honest, then the other person will play the “what if” game, forever and ever.

“What if I did this differently…”

“What if I did that differently…”

“What if I didn’t say that…” 

“What if I didn’t do that…”

Breaking up is really hard to do, but you were once in like or you were once in love, so it’s time you’re honest and break up.

No games, no BS, nothing.

It’s all about sitting somebody down, and giving them the reasons why the relationship is not working out, so they can heal, move forward, and maybe develop a friendship with you in the future.

Avoidance, e-mailing, texting, and all that chicken way out.

Breaking up is one of the best ways to really work on your communication skills, because if you can be a good breaker-upper, you’ll be a much better dater.