perfectionAre you constantly in pursuit of perfection?

Constantly saying things to yourself like:

“As soon as I get my business life in order, I’ll be able to concentrate on my personal life.”

“As soon as I make some more money, I’ll be able to do all of the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

“If I can just lose a few pounds, I’ll be able to go out there and meet someone.”

The pursuit of perfection kills us, and that’s a damn shame because the most beautiful thing about life is that we’re all very imperfect people.

We were perfect when we shot through our mother’s womb.

We were actually beautiful souls waiting to be embraced by the world.

We were innocent; we were warm; we were snuggly.

And then…life happened.

Programming, parents’ expectations, schools’ disappointments, comparisons to other people—it all came down on us, hard.

This starts at a very young age, this pursuit of perfection. A lot of little girls suffer from it. They just want to be daddy’s perfect little girl.

And parents don’t help. They actually use that term “perfect” and it becomes inscribed on a child’s consciousness.

But in reality, we’re so flawed; we’re so imperfect, and that’s how we’re always going to be. We’re constantly going to be imperfect every single day.

At the end of each day there’s going to be something that you didn’t do—at least one thing that you didn’t do, and probably a lot more.

There’s always going to be a to-do list to battle with. (In fact, when someone dies, they might as well put their to-do list on the tombstone.)

We die incomplete, not having finished our work, not having achieved perfection.

So it’s best to have your awakening now. Awaken to the fact that you’ll never be perfect—never.

You will never be a perfect person.

There is no perfect life waiting for you in the future, because you already have it.

Your life, as you know it right now, is an absolute gift.

It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s one of the best gifts in the world because every day you get to participate in this game. You’re a player and you get to play!

You get to experience emotions if you allow yourself. You get to experience great relationships if you allow yourself. You get to experience riches and abundance if you allow it.

So stop trying to make your life into something else and start playing the game as it is. Embrace it. Don’t aim to make life perfect, just cultivate emotions and experiences that will increase your current enjoyment.

And if I can offer a suggestion: cultivate love.

Love is one of the greatest gifts you can ever experience, and love doesn’t come that often.

True love—probably for most of us—rarely ever comes. That’s why we’re constantly settling in relationships, constantly thinking we’re in a relationship that is good but not everything that we want.

Real love, real support and real admiration comes when you accept yourself.

Once you accept yourself as a beautiful, flawed person, then you can expose that beautiful, flawed person to another person. The two of you are going to have a beautiful, flawed relationship.

Meaning you’re going to accept each other for exactly who you are.

You’re not going to want to change each other. You’re going to help facilitate the changes that each of you want to learn from one another.

Be flawed. Enjoy being flawed. Allow yourself to be flawed. Embrace it.

Perfectionism is going to kill you. How do I know this?

Because I always used to compare myself to others. I used to compare myself in business and personal situations all the time.

But that’s perfectionism; you go home and beat yourself up over nothing, just your own thoughts.

When you’re constantly in search of perfectionism, life is just a series of maybes.

Everything is always a maybe because you’re trying to make life so perfect.

Through these series of maybes, by trying to make life so perfect, you’re missing the beauty of what life really is.

Life is fucking perfect the way it is right now.

Everything you’re supposed to experience, everything you’re supposed to feel, you’re feeling it right now because it’s supposed to be that way. Take a look at the gifts. Take a look at the people that are in your life, the people that love, honor and support you, and allow yourself to love and honor and support yourself in a way you’ve never done before.

Life is so beautiful.

Just allow it to happen.