Hurry! The gift you just unwrapped is ready to be returned.

It’s the day after Christmas,
and all through the mall,
everyone is stirring
because everything is half off…

It’s a great time to buy next year’s decorations, because everything is half off. You can store them in the attic where you won’t be able to find them next year.

Today really is a great day to go out there and meet people.

There is one thing you can say to everyone today. Isn’t that what people are looking for – the one thing you can say to everyone that will work every time? Well, today is the only day of the year you can use this.

So here is your “magic line” of the day. Make sure you say this with a smile. Now you know how I feel about using “lines” when you talk to people, so I’ll call this a “magic opener” (or a “magic conversation starter” would be even better).

So whenever you see anyone today, you can say “Did Santa get you everything you wanted, or do you need to rely on the American Express card today?”

That’s it. That’s all you need to say.

Everyone can use this, and you can say it to everyone — men, women, children, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, cartoon characters, muppets. It’s by far the best thing you can say to people today.

It’s a great conversation starter. It’s your “day after Christmas conversation starter” that allows you to talk to people everywhere.

Say it with a smile, have fun and enjoy the day. I’ll meet you at the mall.