keeping your wordRecently I’ve been renovating a couple of properties in Denver with a business client of mine. Every property has taken three times longer to finish and ended up costing twice as much as it should. One of the contractors we deal with always tells us it’s going to be done in two weeks, and it never is.

Which lead me to think today as I was driving along, you’re only as good as your word. That’s all you have.

I remember years ago there was a guy I did some real estate with back in the early ’90s, his name was Russ. He lived a lie.  All his stories didn’t add up so I started doing some research on him. I found out that he was lying through his teeth. I got angry. I got pissed, but it ended up being a big lesson for me.  In life, all you have is your word.

Honesty In Relationships

That’s all you have.  Whatever you tell somebody you’re going to do, you have to do. If you tell them you’re going to show up, or you’re going out on a date with them and then don’t show up, you just broke your word. I can’t stand when people do that.

I know a lot of women are pretty bad at it too, because you tend to over commit. You have a far more active social life than men do.

You see, I don’t really need to see my friends as often as you do. I don’t need to go out and have brunch to “shoot the shit” with my buddies. I don’t need to go have dinners on Friday and Saturday nights with my friends.  I’m pretty much a loner.  I enjoy my time to myself, and I enjoy going out when I see friends.  But a lot of women tend to over commit and then flake on things. All you really have is your word.

I believe that when you commit to something you should have every intent on doing it. Even if it’s something as simple as online dating, committing to getting back to people. Or committing to getting on the phone when someone says they’re going to call, to texting back. All we have is our word in life. It’s so important.

It’s so important that if you commit to somebody and then flake at the last minute. It leaves a lasting impression of who you are, which may not be correct.

All you have is your word and that’s what I think all of us in today’s crazy modern society need to commit to more.  Our word is everything.  All we have is our word.  Think about that the next time you over commit or promise to do something.