PodcastWithHeadPhonesdavidwygantHow many of you are so clear and so in tune with yourself that you realize that the majority of things that trigger you now are things that were programmed into your subconscious mind as a child?

Every day, we get triggered by something that really doesn’t make much sense to us.

A rational mind will look at an issue and think, “I have no idea why I have a fear of this type of woman…”

“I have no idea why I have so much trouble talking to authority…”

The rational mind will say, “I should be able to do this–I’ve read books. I’ve taken courses, but yet I still can’t seem to overcome this feeling that I get, this angst, the anxiety that just crawls all over my body…”

Because your subconscious mind is so deeply programmed, you don’t even realize why you do half the things you do.

So join me today to talk about your subconscious mind, your programming, and how you can eliminate a lot of it, including the ego.

Today’s podcast explores a very deep subject that’s very personal to me in so many ways.

You see, I was unable to get rid of my shit until I went deep into my subconscious and figured it out.

And I’ve got a special guest to discuss this with me. He’s an old friend of mine is joining me today on the podcast, somebody that you guys have not seen around in a long, long time. Somebody who means a lot to me. Somebody who is like a son to me.

He’s back from his journey, and he shares his thoughts and what he learned about the subconscious mind and how it’s impacted his ego as well.

This is a good one guys. I strongly suggest you listen to every single word and past this podcast on to as many people as you can.