power of writing emotionsI have a challenge for you all today.

As you know, I love writing. I write most my stuff through dictation. I can’t actually sit down and type because my mind works faster than my fingers can type, and I’ll miss something.

So instead, I dictate. I usually dictate when I’m driving; otherwise, I would lose my mind. You’ve heard me say driving anywhere in Southern California is a nightmare. In fact, I decided today to go down to San Diego to go see a good friend of mine, Larry Michael.

I debated whether I should go for about 3 hours. It shouldn’t be a debate, because he’s one of my best friends in the world, and I really needed to see him. I love him to death. He’s a great friend, and he always makes me feel sane, and helps me clarify things going on in my life. I’ve wanted to see him for a month or so now, but the problem is Southern California.

As I poke my way down on a Saturday afternoon at 2:44, I’m sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the Seal Beach Boulevard exit on the 405 South, I realize why I never go anywhere. I never go anywhere because I never can get anywhere. You never can move in Southern California.

It’s a beautiful place to live but you can’t do anything but stay in your own neighborhood because there’s constant traffic. If I didn’t write while I sat in the traffic I’d go nuts. It helps me express myself. Whenever I get on a plane or get behind the wheel of a car, it clears my mind, and it kind of allows me to think, to process things because there’s really nothing else to do but to just drive.

On the way to see Larry, I wrote a long letter to my ex about how I feel. It was amazing. I can’t wait to read it, and that’s what I want all of you to do.

I want you to look at unfinished business in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ex-partner, a friend, or a parent. I want you to sit down and dictate or write a letter to them. I want you to pour your heart out without thinking about being judged.

I don’t want you to think about anything. I just want you to say whatever you’d say if you knew they’d listen without interrupting.

It’s something I get my email clients to do. One of the best forms of coaching I have available is email coaching. It’s dirt-cheap too, $99 for 3 emails from me. It allows you to ask me questions, which I answer, but it gives you the opportunity to vomit your thoughts out. By the time, you’re done writing and I send you an answer back. You have a journal you can refer back to anytime you need to find your answer.

I’d like you to spend some time today writing, pouring your heart out.  Pouring your heart out like somebody is actually listening.  Whether or not you send it, stand in front of that person and read it to them is the next step and is something that you can choose to do or not do.  But I’d like you to pour your heart out today.  I’d like you to pour your heart out and not worry about saying the right thing or worrying about what someone else would think or what they are going to say, because that’s just your ego.

When you worry so much about what somebody says or what they are thinking it’s just your ego talking and it’s not your heart being open.  Life is about opening up your heart, so you’re able to live a life that’s authentic.  It’s an amazing exercise to do. Do it today and tell me how you feel.  Also, in the blog comments today, tell me who you are writing to and why.