What if this was the day you’re supposed to meet the man of your dreams?

What if you were riding the same elevator as them? What if you were in a restaurant sitting opposite them?

What if today was the day that you met the man that would change your love life forever?

Let’s say that you were dating somebody you weren’t excited about. And you’re at a restaurant talking to a friend about the person you’re dating that doesn’t excite you—someone that you don’t have that full-on connection with.

What if you spent that entire meal, talking badly about the person you’re dating, saying, “I don’t know, Becky, I’m not sure that he’s for me. The sex is not that great.”

And what if your friend told you what everybody always tells you:

“You’re never going to find anybody perfect. So just compromise, and be okay with what you have.”

What if, when you were going through all this, the person who you would resonate with on all your key emotional points, was sitting right next to you and you didn’t even talk to them.

The power of what if is what really makes life powerful. It’s actually not the what, it’s actually the if.

I love to walk around and say “if”.

“If” is a really powerful two letter word. It’s like staying open by not getting involved in the relationships that do not fit you 100% on emotional issues.

You can walk around and “if” all day long.

When you’re not with somebody that you don’t belong with, you can go around and meet everybody you’re supposed to meet. Because any day, a what if can happen to you.

The problem is, most of us are so caught up with either someone else or a bunch of crap. What if you let go of that date that didn’t work and just walked around and had a wonderful time and met somebody really cool?

Stop thinking about the past.

Stop being in relationships that don’t work, and start being open every day.