In life, when we lose control, we feel like we’re losing control. I know that sounds pretty funny, but think about it.

When we lose control, we think that we can no longer have things the way we need them to be or how they must be. We do this in dating and relationships all the time, and we do it in business.

The power of allowing somebody to come to you is actually the only way someone is going to come to you.

We can have a partner that we want to be more spiritually evolved, and we can see the potential in a partner, and we can buy them books, and hope, and pray that they get to the level that we see in them.

We want our partner to be more lovable, and more loving, and better in bed or whatever it might be.

We can show them things, take them to workshops.

But all of that means nothing unless they show up and come to you.

We can only guide somebody, we can’t put our opinions on somebody. We can only guide what we think is best for them. They’re still an independent human being in that brain, in that mind of theirs. So we really can’t force something on somebody.

So, the most valuable lesson we can ever do is allow somebody to come to you. Allow them to come to you. Guide them, but put no expectations on it. Show them all the amazing things you want to share with them, your interests, your tastes, your passion, your mentors, your whatever it might be.

And allow them to embrace it, and allow them to just come to you because when someone comes to you, they’re delivering the gift of love, but it’s not forced. So if they come to you and say, Hey, I really thank you for showing me how to meditate better. I’ve been doing it on my own the last couple of weeks and I thank you for it because I feel so much better…”

They came to you. Don’t force anybody to do anything. The people who truly love you and the people that are worth keeping in your life will come to you instead of you pulling them to you.