Henry is one of the most powerful men I’ve ever met.

Let me tell you about Henry and why he’s become so powerful.

Henry came to me about a year ago.  He took my New York City boot camp in May of 2011.

When I met Henry for the very first time, he was extremely shy.  39 years old and trapped inside his mind.  He so desperately wanted to meet a great woman, to get married and be happy.

He spent his life emotionally tortured by the fear of not being able to connect with women.  When I say that Henry was shy, I mean really really shy.

Then Henry took the boot camp.  He went through a lot of transformation at the boot camp.  He learned about what being a man is all about.  But he also understood that this was not the magic cure.  He needed to work on himself even more.

Henry spent the next eight months listening to my Men’s Mastery Series every single day and going out and doing the exercises every single day.

Henry took all the lessons he learned at the boot camp and started implementing them in his life.

When I first met Henry at the boot camp, and even when he left, he was a quiet guy, still in his head.  But I saw a potential in him and I told him that if he works on everything every single day, the world’s going to finally see the Henry that’s been lying deep beneath the surface.

Henry came back to our boot camp in February of this year.  (Anybody who comes to a David Wygant boot camp can come back for free anytime they want.)

Henry came back and the minute I saw him, I saw a whole different Henry.

His smile, the way he walked with confidence, the way he spoke, his vocal tone—everything about him was different.

We do roleplaying at the beginning of each boot camp, and Henry sat across from the woman and charmed her, being himself, the Henry that was locked inside for so long.

I was amazed.

I was happy.

I just wanted to hug him afterwards.

The whole weekend, Henry was social, confident, secure, and charming. By Sunday, the last day of the camp, Henry even snagged himself a date. I looked at him on Sunday afternoon, and I said Henry, your transformation has been unreal.  I am so proud of everything about you.

Henry looked at me and smiled and called me his Sansei.  I felt like I was Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid.

Henry came to my New York City Art of Communication seminar last weekend, and I once again saw a huge transformation in him.

I saw a whole different Henry.

We had this cool woman named Sarah who did role-playing with us. Henry got real and authentic with her.

I later asked Sarah what she thought about Henry. She looked at me and said, “What he just told me was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I wish all guys could say that to me.”

What did Henry say?

You’ll need to ask him if you really want to know.

Henry is now the man that he always wanted to be.

It’s powerful to watch transformations like this. It makes me feel unreal inside.

For those of you that want to know even more, feel free to e-mail me and I will send you Henry’s e-mail address, and he’d be more than willing to share.

Transformation and growth—what life is all about.