So I got to Hawaii last week.

I took a flight that I was disappointed in.

See, when I booked the flight, I ended up using miles. I wanted to do first class and didn’t want to pay for any upgrades or anything.

Then American decided that they would take the airplane that was supposed to be the first class airplane and then they went and used another plane.

Not even the same plane at all!  (There’s a big difference between a 757 and a 767.  First class on a 757 is really not a good first class.  But I digress…)

I’m a really picky person—especially when it comes down to traveling.

I truly believe that you pay for something you ought to get your money’s worth.

I ended up getting in the Marriott Resorts—a great little hotel.  First night on the bed, it was mushy, soft and everything bad.  I never like to sleep on a mushy, soft bed.  So I had them change it to something firm.

Yea, I’m that guy.

I’m the guy that’s constantly changing the room.  If I don’t like the view, if I don’t like the smell, if I don’t like the size of the bathroom—whatever it might be—I’m changing it.

I’m that guy that usually spends a week at a hotel and has four different rooms.

Yes, I’m that guy. No, not “dick”, I prefer the phrase “guy that knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it otherwise you’re going to hear from him”.

You deserve to get what you want.  And I find that most people do not get what they want because they never speak up.

They’re afraid to speak up.  They just accept things for what they are.

In life, you should never just accept things for what they are.  If you got a bad hotel room and you can hear your neighbors next door—say something about it.  It’s your trip, it’s your life, it’s your time to do what you want.

Speak up in life. Go after what you want.

I jokingly titled this post The Power of Being Nice—yes, jokingly.

There is no power in being nice.Click to Tweet

Sure be “nice” if that’s who you are or that’s the mood you’re in, but don’t make it a focus.

Don’t aim to be “nice”—be real.

Be you.

Say what’s on your mind.

Express yourself.

Fortune favors the bold. Life favors the authentic.