Labor Day weekend was amazing! I got to spend three days at a spa just relaxing, hanging out and really doing nothing. I suggest that everyone needs to do nothing sometimes. Doing nothing can be great, and it really can regenerate your mind and body.

The place that we stayed was chock full of celebrities. I did a spin class with Hilary Swank, and ran into Shannon Doherty there as well. The only one missing was Steve Sanders. If he was there, we could have called it a 90210 reunion. Last night at Dinner I ran into Ted Danson and his crew at a restaurant.

So I guess we had a celebrity-filled, relaxing weekend. It’s funny how people look at celebrities.

They are just people. Some are nice and some are not. I have to say that Hilary Swank was really nice and friendly to everyone (not unlike what I am always preaching to all of you).

So onto today’s fun topic in the blog . . .

Did you spend this past weekend on a pickup mission? Do you ever go out at night on a mission, and that mission is to pick up women?

It’s one of the most ridiculous missions in the entire world. If you think of a pick up mission, it really just puts such added pressure on yourself because all of a sudden life stops being real and organic (and you are just waiting for an outcome).

Think about when you go to the supermarket or you go pick up dog food or whatever. You casually go and meet people. It’s very organic. You might have a conversation about the dog food or your dog if you’re in the pet store.

When you have conversations like that, conversations that are real and organic, you will notice that you have things in common with people and you will notice which people really intrigue you. When you meet certain people, then, you will naturally think “Wow, this person is really interesting. Let me talk to them some more.”

The problem with going out only at night to meet women, is that you will tend to have expectations. You will literally gather the boys together so that you can all go out to pick up women.

When you go out with that mindset, though, you will be disappointed with every place you go that doesn’t have the “right women” there. You’ll think, “This place is lame. Let’s go somewhere else.”

What you’re doing then is just chasing the night. As as you keep chasing, you will keep thinking each place is lame and doesn’t have the right women. Nothing you’re doing is organic so the pressure starts to build with each place you go.

As the pressure increases, so does your failure rate with women, because you will have a bigger and more prominent air of desperation around you. You will have completely negative energy.

When you walk into the Chevron station to buy a bottle of water and just casually chat with the cute girl that’s in there, however, you are creating a real and serendipitous moment. That woman will be wondering who you are, and she will be naturally more attracted to you.

You want to create natural moments and not be on a pickup mission. So if you’re uncomfortable with the pickup mission, it means that you shouldn’t be doing it anymore.

If you’re uncomfortable with something new that you know is good for you, though, you should force your way through it until you get comfortable with it. I totally believe that is the way to change behavior.

If you have trouble getting close to people, then you need to be prepared to be uncomfortable before you can get comfortable. If you don’t enjoy going out and gallivanting with a bunch of horny guys who look like they haven’t been laid in this century, then don’t do it anymore. there are so many better things to do.

Now onto today’s video.

Do you desire to sexually please any woman?