I got a video from somebody the other day.

The guy told me, David, I really need to find my perfect person. I’m waiting for my perfect person to come.

All I kept thinking was, are you perfect?

I want you to answer this question today:

Are you perfect?

Think about everything in your life.

Is there any perfection?

The perfect tree is still bent.

Everything in life has flaws.

The perfect beach day, still has a flaw.

The perfect car has a flaw.

There is no perfection in life. As a matter of fact, the quest for being perfect has destroyed so many people’s lives, from work, to love, to play.

Having to be a perfect person, having to get everything done perfectly, has strangled and hamstrung many amazing people.

I know so many people who don’t start businesses, because they’re waiting for the perfect moment, for everything to be just right.

I know people who don’t start relationships because they’re waiting for life to be perfect. They want to have the right amount of money, so they’re living in the right home.

Where did this quest for perfection start?

Obviously it started somewhere during our fucked up childhood.

Yeah I know, no matter how perfect your childhood might have been, your parents fucked you up in one way or another. Somebody taught you that you need to try to be perfect.

Schools have a wonderful way of doing that. We get graded as children. An A is for perfection, a B is for good, a C is for average and a D is, well, you’re a D student. You’re a complete mess, a complete fuck up. Even though I know some of the greatest D students, including myself, have gone on to be extremely successful in life.

We’re graded nonstop, from the second we hit school, to the time we finish college. Everything is about grades and tests. Tests to see whether or not we are perfect.

Of course, by the time we get out of school with our parental pressure and our societal pressure, we feel the need to be what? Perfect.

In reality, the only thing that’s really perfect is our own imperfection. You-Are-Perfect

Being imperfect is the new perfect.

When we are imperfect, we’re living our lives. We are actually doing things. We are motivated. We are participating in life.

Imperfect is the new perfect.

I want you to repeat after me and I want you to say this out loud. Being imperfect is the new perfect.  

Do it every day.

Being imperfect is the new perfect.  

Trying things when you’re not fully ready, is the new perfect. Going out with somebody you might like, is the new perfect.

Stop looking for perfection. You’re never going to be perfect, until the day you die. When you die, you’ll be perfectly at rest, as they bury you in the ground or cremate you in the oven.

It is the only time you’ll be fully at rest and perfection will settle in, for the remainder of your existence.

If I stop thinking about — this person is going to be my person, my perfect person.

I will go with the perfect person in the moment.

By creating these moments, by creating this time and space together, we’re able to teach ourselves many beautiful things.

That’s what life is about.

It’s about connecting. Connecting so deeply that our heart remains open. We remain positive and we have previews of amazing things to come.

Imperfect is the new perfect!