I have a great new app for iPhones. It’s perfect. It’s something you need to install and download right away on your own phone.

As a matter of fact, I am going to call Apple, and I’m going to get this thing done.
It’s an app that is called “Lower Your Standards Time!”

Picture it. It’s 1:00 am and you’re standing in a bar. You’re drunk. All of a sudden your phone starts going crazy — beeping and vibrating. You look at it, and it says “It’s Lower Your Standards Time!”

“Look, there’s a drunk girl leaning against the bar right now. She just made out with a random guy in the corner. It’s time for you to go over there and get her number. It’s time to lower your standards!”

It is hilarious what we do at 1:00 am. It’s almost like we’re one of Pavlov’s dogs.

It is 1:00 am and you haven’t been successful all night long, so you automatically lower your standards and go for whoever you can possibly get so you can validate yourself that night.

Why? You do it so you can tell your friends you got a phone number. You, however, never tell your friends that it’s the phone number of a woman who was drunk, vomiting at the bar and won’t even remember who you are when you call her.

So, really, I think you know where I’m going with this. Why ever lower your standards?

The only reason why you ever lower your standards is because you don’t have the balls to talk to women to whom you are attracted. You get all full of panic because your ego wants something.

Your ego desires to get a phone number. It validates you that you actually could do something — even if it’s something that totally lowers your standards.

So, you know what? I’m going to have you download this new “Lower Your Standards” app from Apple. That way you can always kid yourself and think that you’re more successful than you really are.

The other option is for you to get on the ball and really start to meet the women to whom you are most attracted. Which option seems better?

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