48764169 - cropped shot of a man surprising his girlfriend with a christmas gift.

It’s not too early to be picking that thing.

I mean, we’re a month away, basically 4 weeks away from Thanksgiving.

Just more weeks away from seeing the jolly fat man in a red suit with a white beard driving a red Mercedes for that holiday sale Mercedes Benz.

We’re about to be tortured by jewelry. All the diamond pendants that we need to buy our significant others.

It’s only a matter of time before a Lexus with a bow shows up in your driveway.

So, let’s talk a little bit more about realistic gifts. How many of us are going to go drop $70,000 on a Benz, $50,000 on a Lexus, and let’s face it — those diamond pendants… you’ve got to squint to see the diamond. To me, it actually looks like a flake of dandruff on a silver band.

So, what do you do if you’re dating somebody and you need to get them a Christmas gift?

First off, never buy anybody clothes.

Think of something warm. Men will buy a woman something he thinks she wants to wear and immediately she doesn’t wear that type of thing and she’ll start thinking that he doesn’t like the way I dress.

Women will buy a man some type of sweater and they’ll think it’s like wow, this really isn’t me. Obviously she wants me to dress in a certain way.

Lingerie is always fun, but that’s a stocking stuffer. Get them some cute little undies that he can wear when we learn how to wow somebody with a Christmas gift.

Tickets. That’s right, tickets to something they would never buy on their own. Pretty simple, sporting tickets to his favorite team, front row seats to a basketball game, to hockey. The game.

It all depends on what your budget is. Tickets to a band, tickets to a concert, tickets to an event that he may never do. Maybe a little seminar that he talked about always wanting to do, but never did it. That is how you wow somebody with a gift and the same thing works for women.

Tickets to the ballet.

Tickets to her favorite sporting event.

Tickets to an opera.

Gett her a facial.

Get her a massage or a spa day.

Or tickets to an event that she never ever would go — a seminar that she always wanted to go, but never could.

That is what you get somebody. Get them something that they would never buy for themselves, or we buy a stupid sweater.

You could always buy her a little Mercedes. But, an experience is what they’re going to remember from Christmas. Nobody’s going to remember the shirt stuffed in the back of the drawer.

But everybody remembers that Coldplay concert or the front row at a Knicks game.

To me, Christmas is all about giving somebody something they would never give themselves. That is the magic of the holidays and that is the magic of gifting. It’s never too early to start thinking about it. It’s important you know, ho ho ho, he’s coming to town!