I really think some men are stupid sometimes.

I think it’s really funny they spend so much time chasing women making a game, then they wonder why women get flaky. This isn’t a game we’re playing. There are men that want to know how to get better at ‘direct game’, so for those of you who don’t know pick up terminology.

‘Direct game’ means you can literally walk over to a woman and tell her something you think about her that’s a compliment. The problem with the guys that do direct game is they’re using the “you’re beautiful” direct game compliment approach.

But they’re just saying it without feeling it. What they fail to realize is that even though there’s terminology called ‘direct game’, the woman is thinking to herself, “Why is this inauthentic prick coming over, and paying me a compliment? He’s not even feeling it.”

Women are feelers. While men want to play a game. There’s ‘night game’. A night game used to be a baseball and football game held at night time. Night game now, for those of you that don’t know, is when groups of men go out and they hit on women at night.  That’s called ‘night game’. There’s ‘bar game’. There’s ‘day game’. Do you know what day game is? You guessed it. Men make the day crawl at the malls, stand on the street and run around and try to get phone numbers from women.

It seems like there’s so much ‘game’ going on. Whatever happened with being authentic and real?

If you’re authentic and real, you don’t need to play any stupid games.

As a matter of fact, if you’re authentic and real you don’t need to memorize any ridiculous games or pick up lines.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

Women are craving one ‘direct game’ opener. That’s right. We’re going to go back to the game thing right now.

There’s this one direct game opener, that women are craving all the time. It’s a word we learn when we were a lot younger. It’s a word that was first taught to us when we were kids. It’s one of the best direct game openers ever because it will blow any girl away. If you say it with authenticity, you say it with conviction, you say it like you own it.

You’re not going to worry about what type of game it is. You’re not going to worry about games anymore. You’re going to live a life of authenticity. You’re going to be able to walk up to any woman, any place, any time, know that you can whip this ‘direct game’ approach and have her want to meet you.

Watch today’s video and I want you to pass it on to all the men that are out there playing ‘direct games’, ‘indicator games’, and any other games. It’s so easy. Check it out.