It’s time you learned the truth about men.

When a man wants a woman, nothing is going to stop him.


She could be with somebody else and he will come after her subliminally, any which way he can.

Because when a man wants a woman, nothing will stop him.

She can be dating somebody else before he comes along. It won’t stop him.

He’ll look at the other guy as a speed bump in the road. He’ll think that other guy was there first, but it’s the one who gets there last that matters. It’s the one who closes the deal.

When a man wants a woman, it’s everything to him. He wants the deal signed, sealed and delivered so he can get comfortable, get safe and be seen.

When a man wants a woman there is no doubt he will come on hard. He will pursue, he will text, he will call, he will listen to you, he will take you out, he will respect you. He just wants to be with you.

When a man wants a woman, there will be no doubt at all that he wants you.

You’ll have no doubt in your mind, and he’s going to come on hard. As a woman you’re going to be adored. You’re going to feel amazing. You’re going to feel seen and you’re going to finally feel like you’re with a man who you can feel safe with and let go.

When a man wants a woman, he has no expectations.

I know that’s contradictory, but hear me out. When a confident man wants a woman, he wants her for what he’s learning about her in the present and he knows he can have a wonderful time getting to know her.

When a man wants a woman, he just wants to have her. He wants to explore her. He wants to kiss her. He wants to hug her. He wants to touch her. He wants to know everything about her.

He wants to listen to music with her. He wants to experience things and take her places. He wants to kiss her, hold her and make her feel safe.

When a man wants a woman, you’ll feel him coming full steam ahead. It’s like a train.

Have you seen the movie Polar Express? That same type of train. There’s a scene in Polar Express where the train is skidding across a frozen lake and as it’s skidding across the lake you’re wondering whether or not it is going to make it to the other end.

Is the train going to find the tracks again? Is the train going to be able to connect back to the tracks and get all these kids safely to Santa Claus? You see the ice cracking all around. You see the icebergs come up in the water.

When a man wants a woman, he’s going to make it to the tracks. Not only is he going to make it to the tracks, he’s going to make it to the end.

He sees something in her that he’s never seen in another woman.

You see, when a man really wants a woman, when a man goes after a woman, he sees things in her that he’s never seen before. He wants to experience things with her that he’s never experienced before.

When a man really wants a woman, he’s not going to quit. He’s not going to stop. He’s going to come like a train, like a bullet. He’s going to go after that woman.

And as a woman, what do you want? You want to be adored. You want to be held. You want to be touched. You want to be seen. You want to be opened up. You want to feel safe. You want to feel secure.

When that man comes, like that train in Polar Express, he’s going to be coming full steam. Nothing is going to stop him.

Here’s a secret you don’t know about men. When he’s coming after you full force, he’s more vulnerable than he’s ever been. He’s okay with that vulnerability, even though it scares the shit out of him.

It might make him think twice, or wonder whether or not she’s on the same page. Or he might wonder if she’s stopped dating the other guy and if she’s ready to be with him. If she’s ready to dive in.

I know as a woman it’s tough to go and say all that, but when a man comes at you that way, he’s showing his most vulnerable, authentic side.

He’s allowing you to see him. He’s allowing you to see him being vulnerable.

When a man wants a woman, he comes at her like a speeding train. He comes at her like a snowball falling down a mountain. He comes at her like thousands of snowflakes coming out of the sky, each one tasting and feeling different.

When a man wants a woman, there’s no stopping him at all.

So, if you’ve met a man who’s coming after you like the speeding bullet train in Polar Express, I strongly suggest you enjoy the ride.

The ride is special because it could be the beginning of that amazing relationship you’ve always wanted, desired, and deserved.