So you met somebody.

Congratulations.  Congratulations for stepping up and being a man.  Congratulations for getting her number, and congratulations for the beginning of what hopefully will be a long, amazing relationship with the hot woman that you just met.

What do you do?

There’s so much talk about, when to text and what to say, and should you call or should you text. There’s so many games out there.

I truly believe being a man, means that you are the one who determines how the game is going to be played.  Women are constantly asking, begging, all the time, “why can’t a man lead?”

“I need a man to lead. I need a man to tell me what he wants. I need a man to tell me what we’re doing, how we’re going out.”

Men have become passive. They are more isolated than ever. They can get by with isolation through Facebook, Match, texting and the Swipe dating apps. A man nowadays never has to approach a live woman before he goes out with her. In turn men have become more fearful of women. Texting has definitely made it easier to be afraid.

If you think about just probably eight years ago, we had to actually get on the phone and call somebody up.  We had to leave a voicemail message.

But now, everything is just, well, texting.  Texting turns people into wimps, passive.  So when a woman needs you, she’s expecting you to be this passive, wimpy guy.First-date

She’s expecting you to send some lame text.  She’s expecting you to play a game, you know, where you text her two days later. So this is why I tell guys all the time to think outside the box.

In today’s modern disconnected texting world, when we think outside the box, we start to connect with people on a much deeper, more authentic level.

So what do you do when you meet somebody?

Simple, text her right away.

You text her something funny, something that connects her back to moment that you guys met.  I always tell guys to do it within the first two hours. I know, you’re thinking, “will it make me look anxious and needy.”

But to her, it makes her think that she’s met a man, a man that’s going after her, a man that’s not afraid to put it out there. A man that is strong.  It tells her something much different than what you’re thinking.

So what happens when you text her right away and she doesn’t text you back?

The number one sign that she’s interested in you is by the way she responds in your texts. Today’s video is all about this sign that shows she’s interested in you.

It’s a sign that all women do.  It’s a sign for you to go after her full force.  I’m not saying, to tell her that you love or you want to marry her right away, but you know what I mean.  To pursue her, to set up a date.

Check out today’s video.