You want to know why you’re still single?

I’m sure you have lots of reasons why. I’m sure that some of them are to do with unavailable men. Not finding the right guys to date.  Or maybe your bad luck with online dating.  What I’m about to explain to you in this post and the ensuing video is the REAL reason you’re still single.

It has to do with a little known fact. Something that my grandma, and great-grandmother, and great great grandmother brought with them from the old world.  See my grandmother was from Poland and her grandmother was from Poland.  And they traveled across the stormy sea, and they landed at Ellis Island.  Matter of fact you can see my grandmother’s and my great grandmother’s names etched in the wall there.

When my great grandmother taught my grandmother to go out there and meet an American men, she gave her one secret and one secret only.  My great grandmother who spoke Yiddish, looked to my grandmother, and in her broken English said, “Rose Canter. Do not ever have a yenta block.”

My grandmotherlooked at her and said, “I promise you Mom, I will never ever have a yenta block.”

My grandmother was able to land two husbands in the course of her lifetime. Very few men ever flirted with my grandmother.  Because my grandmother knew what the yenta block was all about.  You see, a yenta block, to put it in regular, modern day terminologies, is what the majority of women do when they go out at night.  They protect one another from each other.  But more importantly, they protect each other  from men.

They form a very powerful yenta block.  Not allowing their friends to go and flirt with men. From generation to generation,women are told to fold their arms, look down at the ground and not smile at available men. That and a couple of other minor things is known as an age old, yenta block.

So if you’re looking to really meet a great guy; if you really desire an amazing relationship, then you’re going to need to understand how to get rid of this yenta block.Because it’s preventing you from meeting great men.  And it’s been passed down from generation to generation.

Check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean…