Do you want to know what the number one insecurity is?

It’s fear. Fear.

Fear is the number one insecurity, and fear comes out and plays in so many different ways in our life.

Every day, we are in fear. If we can’t meet somebody, we fear the approach.

If we’re single for a long time, we fear that we’re going to be single forever.

If we use words like there are no great single people out there and no good men out there.

There are no good women or men out there. What happens?

It’s fear. Fear is insecurity. Insecurity means that you don’t believe that you’re ever going to find somebody fantastic and great.

Insecurity is raging all over the world. It’s an epidemic.

And fear is the cause of it.

A lot of people fear when they get divorced. They fear. Kids fear. So many kids can’t leave one parent or the other, because they fear that their mom or dad can’t be alone without them. Fear is taught to kids at a young age. I see it. I see it in divorced people that come to me. And I ask them what their relationship is with their children, I ask them what their ex-husband’s or ex-wife’s relationship is with their kids. And I hear the fear. The fear that they’re passing on to their children.

Fear and insecurity run hand-in-hand. I want you to think about, right now, what you fear in your life, and put it down below. I’d like to open up a discussion today. I don’t want to sit and rant and rave and give you thousand words worth of solutions. I want to know your individual fears down below, so then I can write articles and topics and videos that address those individual fears. And help you overcome those fears, allow you to stop feeling so fearful and insecure, and gain back the security you so desperately need in yourself.

Start writing! I’m listening.