Do you remember when you were young? Certain words you were’t allowed to say?

There was this word that your parents threatened. It was a four-letter word that would send chills up and down your spine. Well, okay, there were two four-letter words that did this, but let’s talk about the lesser of the two evils.

Now granted, hearing a little kid say shit is kind of amusing, but it isn’t funny when a little kid’s in the schoolyard when he says it and all of a sudden every other kid looks at them and says, “You just said a bad word,” then nobody wants to play with them.

The Most Powerful 4-Letter Word for Adults

As adults though, outside the schoolyard, we have another four-letter word that holds so much power. This magical, beautiful word that most people are so afraid to use because they feel like it devalues them somehow.

Do you want to know what this magical word is?

powerful 4-letter word helpIt’s called help.




That’s right, I said it four times. Two more times and it’ll get into your subconscious mind and you’ll start thinking of things the right way all over again.

You see, whenever we go and do something, whatever it might be – it might be as simple as putting together a barbecue grill – we have this urge to do it by ourselves. We want to prove something. We let our egos get in the way.

I remember the time I put together a gas grill.

My girlfriend was downstairs. I didn’t ask her for help. My ego didn’t allow it.

When I was finished, there were missing pieces and left over pieces all over the place.

When I went to light it, the thing would not light at all. I could smell the gas but I couldn’t figure out why the button was not working.

So I decided to drop a match in there.

And when I did, the whole thing exploded in front of my face.

I went downstairs with my singed eyebrows and my girlfriend looked at me and asked what happened. I told her the story and she said, “Why didn’t you ask for my help?”

I shrugged my shoulders like any male does with a big ego and said, “I don’t know.”

Let me repeat that, I don’t know.

How many times have you put together Ikea furniture and there are a few pieces left over and then you go to your daughter’s room and you put the fish tank on the newly build shelf or table and you realize you forgot to put the support brackets on and the fish are now swimming in your daughter’s Ariel pajamas on the floor?

Not exactly something your little kid wanted.

All these little tiny things we have trouble asking for help for. Most men won’t ask for help when they need directions. They don’t want to admit they need directions. They’d rather get lost.

That’s why GPS was invented. But there’s no GPS when a man is looking for help in the business world.

Navigating the Business World with Help

When a man is looking for help in the business world, we think we can do it all ourselves. Our egos get in the way.

Every mistake that I’ve ever made in my life is because I never reached out to my network of people and asked for help. I didn’t want to look weak.

I’m a man. I’m super man. I’m strong. Why should I look weak?

I wanted to do it all myself.

As a matter of fact, that kind of sounds like my five-year-old at the times.

I try to help her now and she says, “Let me do it myself.”

Basically, when a growing man in his 30s or 40s, or any age for that matter, refuses to get help, he’s acting like a little toddler.

It’s no wonder why most successful people in the world have a circle of trustees around them.

Every great corporation, every great company owner always has a team of people to help them with anything that happens. At any time, they can turn to this team and ask for help.

There is a show called Billions on Showtime. The lead character, Bobby Axelrod played by Damian Lewis, has a therapist that works in his office, so whenever he needs help he goes to her. She’s right there, always.

People, campaign managers, are used for candidates so they can get help. Every successful person has highly intelligent and qualified people around them so when shit hits the fan they are able to work through it efficiently, and it all starts with the word help.

If you want to be the most successful version of yourself, I strongly suggest you learn to use the word help.

Otherwise you’re just going to be another egomaniac that ends up broke with your family life in shambles, wondering what went wrong. Help. One of the most powerful words you will ever use.