Do you remember Eric Mangini? He was a coach of the New York Jets. He was the hot assistant coach years ago. He was the New England Patriots defensive coordinator, and the New York Jets went after him. They called him Mangina.

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with Eric Mangini. This blog has a lot to do with the modern man, and his desire to have a mangina.

Everywhere I go, the biggest complaint I hear from women is, whatever happened to the modern man?

For years women were so annoyed with John Wayne type of men.

The men that walked around with their balls, literally, their balls and their dick first — and everything else second. Steve McQueen and other men who reeked of testosterone. Men who used women, and had fun with women. Drank too much and partied too much.

Women said where is the sensitive guy? Then all of a sudden, the sensitive man started appearing.

They became so sensitive that the majority of men can’t even approach a woman, because they’re so afraid of getting rejected. They’re so afraid of what she might say or do. They’re so afraid of being a man.

Now, the modern woman complains. She can’t stand the fact that men have become so sensitive. And it’s not sensitive in the sense of vulnerability. It’s sensitive in the way a man would walk around if he was trying to protect his mangina.

The modern man has become a pussy, according to most of the women I know. That’s right. You men, reading this right now, you’ve become pussies.

You used to be pussy whipped. Now you’re just a plain old pussy.

I hear it all day long. I walk into stores. I talk with women. I get on Facebook and I flirt with women, and all I hear from them is this, non-stop:

Whatever happened to the modern man? Why is the modern man such a pussy?

I tell them it’s your own fault. The mothers out there emasculated them. You see, the Steve McQueen’s, the Paul Newman’s and the Marlon Brando’s, they were a little too rough around the edges.

They were, basically, too much of a man. Women wanted them to be a little bit more sensitive. They wanted men to be sensitive. So men became mothered so much that they became so sensitive that they were afraid to be a man.

So it turns out that the modern woman isn’t satisfied anymore because now she’s wishing the Paul Newman’s and the Marlon Brando’s all came back.

They’re craving for George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Men. Modern men who seem to have the feeling of an old style man.

What women want is a combination of both. They want a man who’s sensitive, yet strong. Raw, but vulnerable. Not afraid to show his feelings, but he’s still a man.

They want a man who knows how to take the lead.

A man who walks over and acknowledges that he’s attracted to her. Doesn’t care what she thinks and asks her out, because he wants to take her out.

The modern man barely does any of that. The modern man sits at home at night and plays with his mangina.

The modern man has been created by all these dating apps and everything else. A man would rather swipe with his fingers than communicate with his words.

A modern man would rather sit there and text than actually pick up the phone and call a woman up and ask her out. The modern man would rather send a text and hope and pray that the woman says yes, because there’s not as much emotional attachment connected.dating_shy_man

The modern man doesn’t need to hear a voice, but women are craving and desiring to hear a man’s voice, to hear a man. The inflections in his voice, the tone of his voice, everything.

The modern man would rather send a text. The modern man would rather wait to ask somebody out. The modern man would rather swipe than actually approach. The modern man would rather play on online dating sites instead of playing with women out and about and actually flirting with them.

And women are dying on the vine, absolutely craving it, becoming addicts of their vibrators.

As a matter of fact, so many women have told me they’d rather have a vibrator than a man at times.

Because the modern man walks around like he’s got a mangina. 

Do you see what’s happening here, modern man?

Do you see that you have an opportunity to become an old school man? To become a man who has no fear of approaching. A man who walks over to a woman, walks into a store, and actually flirts with her? Asks a woman out so she feels like she’s a woman. Takes control, makes plans, and makes her feel like she’s in the presence of a man.

Modern men, you go around saying things like I don’t know, what do you want to do? Should we get together or you know, maybe we should do something.

The modern man is full of maybes. The modern man is you.

I’m not saying it to insult you. It’s just a matter of you being a product of your environment. You’ve become a modern man, but women are looking and searching for a real man.

Women are looking for a man to claim them. A man to make them feel sexy. A man who makes them feel like a woman. A man who asks them out. A man who has a plan. The plan includes her, because she always wants you to be sensitive.

So let’s combine the modern man, the sensitive little beings that you guys have become, with the old school guy. Let’s have a Paul Newman or Marlon Brando mixed with the modern, sensitive guy.

Imagine that.

I think I’ve just created the perfect man for today’s modern woman.