Mile high clubI’ve been sitting on my flight from Los Angeles to Maui. I decided I really want to be a member of the Mile High Club.  I look around. I check out who’s around me. But everybody’s watching a movie or reading a book and I think to myself, “I’m already in the Mile High Club”.

The Mile High Club is not having sex on a plane.  It’s diving into the deep bowels of your mind and clearing what’s in there. The great thing about being a Mile High Club member in the sky is that there is absolutely nothing to do. There’s really not much to do on an airplane. You can think about how your butt is burning. You can think about how bad the food smells. You think if anybody really heard that fart you just let out.

But there’s really nothing to do. Nothing, but clear your mind, meditate, and think.  And that’s something I love to do when I’m up in the air. It’s my modern day version of the Mile High Club.  It seems like whenever I fly answers flow freely to me because I don’t bring external entertainment, I just listen to music and I sit and I breathe and I allow my mind and my heart to start talking to one another, and figure some things out.

I reflect a lot about what’s going on in my life. I think about what I need to change or how I need to grow. I become very present.  It’s like a clearing.  One of the questions I resonate with is, ‘What is in the way of your being here right now’?  Think about it, when you’re on an airplane we have no distractions at all.  When you’re on the Internet, there’s really not much to do.  Usually the movie is too hard to see and too hard to hear.  So there’s nothing that can get in the way of you being present.

When you’re home there’s a million distractions.  Our phone’s are going off nonstop.  Facebook is calling us because our friend posted a stupid video where he told everybody that he just bought some great toilet paper at CostCo and got a deal. That’s just noise. Places to go, people to see, television to put on.  There’s a million and one distractions that go through your mind every single day. We fall victim to those distractions because that’s who we’ve been trained to be.  But when you’re on an airplane there’s no distractions.  It’s just you and your thoughts and that to me is very powerful.  It’s healthy and clearing.

Think about when you’re on an airplane.  You can think about your disappointments in life.  How you might change things.  You think about how you’re stingy or how you really don’t take care of yourself in certain ways.  You can allow your mind to travel in so many different directions. The greatest thing about being on the airplane, is that you have to sit in those thoughts.  You can’t avoid them.  You can’t run from them.  You can’t turn the TV on and watch YouTube.

There’s nothing you can do, but to be in those thoughts. This is valuable time you have be in your thoughts and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Sit and listen to your thoughts.  Sit in your shit for a while and be a baby again. See how it feels.  Nothing can change your thoughts.  When you’re on a plane you really can’t avoid it.

The movie, the lousy food, the distractions are minimal and that’s what makes it such a powerful experience. But the big thing is, most people don’t travel enough to be in their thoughts. That’s something you need to do.  So what I do I challenge all of you today to really be in your thoughts, to start journaling. Maybe even do a video blog on yourself.  Download some thoughts every single day and listen to them to see where you’re at and where you’re going.  Be more attuned to who you are as a person so you’re able to make the changes you need in your mind.

Sometimes it’s easier to avoid the tough decisions in life because of all the external stimulus we have. We tend to avoid the real growth. So right now ask yourself, what’s your biggest fear?

Lets start from there.  What’s your biggest fear?  How can we get you to stop thinking about that fear? That fear is what’s holding you back from what you can be.