You know, this is an interesting blog I’ve always wanted to do. A lot of guys always wonder when the right times are in a relationship to give a woman flowers. They want to know about the right occasions to send flowers to a woman.

This blog, however, is not about when to send a woman flowers. It’s about knowing the type of flower to send women when you do send them, because every flower represents a certain emotion they’re feeling.

It’s interesting. I just recently was asking a woman which kind of flower is her favorite and why. She responded saying that the white orchid is her favorite because it makes her feel alive, passionate, open and sensual.

What you need to understand is that flowers are a representation. I love white orchids. It’s a very sensual and open flower.

Flowers are an amazing thing to send somebody, but the only flower most people can think to send anyone is roses. Roses mean nothing.

So when you’re dating somebody, ask them what kind of flower is their favorite, why, and how that flower makes them feel. If you know this and can get someone a flower to make them feel that certain way, you will be connected with them on an emotional and spiritual level.

They are going to look at that orchid and they’re going to start to feel open, sensual and loving. If you just send them the standard roses or daises, it will mean nothing and will evoke no emotion in them.

So every single time you want to surprise someone – regardless of whether that person is a man or a woman – surprise them with something they like. Find out something personal about them and get them something that very unique, because each gift and emotion that’s shared between the two of you is going to be a story you’ll be able to talk about together for a long time.

Remember, you’re building memories when you first start dating . . . memories that can last for years and years and years. So don’t just go for the standard. Don’t get your guy a six pack and the remote control. Don’t get your girlfriend a dozen roses and a box of candy.

Find out something about that person, and go out there and send them something that’s unique to them. That shows them that you pay attention. It also shows that you want to get to know them in a intimate level.