Imagine we had a pill that we could take and we can literally do over our entire life.

Maybe not out entire life, because then that would really be sad.  Somebody wanted to do over their entire life.  But imagine that if we had this pill and we could do over a part of our life.

What part of your life will you do over if you had the chance.  Now, remember, when it comes down to this magic pill, there is something that we need to talk about.

The part of life you do over you’re going to need to have the memory of the lesson that you learned in order for you to have a do over.

You just can’t do something over about learning the lesson, because you would just do it the exact same way again.

A lot of people think that if we can travel back in time, if they did something, if they had a do over they’d be able to literally do it over.  But the thing is, you can’t do something over because you will actually make the same mistakes again if you haven’t learned from the mistake that you made in the first place.

What would you do over?

What moment in your life really made you shamed the most?

Or what moment in your life did you have that you truly wish you can do it again?  There’s moments in everybody’s life where we do something that we absolutely know, in the future, that it was mistake.

The big question is, what would be your do over?

Mine would probably be taking me back to the 80s.

I’d like to do over a few moments, but I would still like a lot of my life to still be the way it is, because I really cherish my daughter in my life.



But what I’d like to do is go back in time to the 80s.

I’d like to go back in time when New York was inexpensive.  Knowing what I know now, I’d like to go back and buy real estate.

I’d like to go back to the early 2000s in Los Angeles and even as early as recent as 2009 and I would buy real estate.

I’d also go back and talk to the young version of me when he was 10 years old, tell him-

“You don’t need to lay in the sun.  You don’t need to be tan for girls to like you.  You don’t need to be tanner than your mother and you certainly don’t want to battle skin cancer tags when you get older.”

Little things I would do, if I can do it all over.  The thing is, there is no magic pill called “Do Over”.

Or is there?

Maybe there’s a magic pill called “Do Over”.

You know where that magic pill starts- whenever you go to bed at night.

You see, every night when you go to bed you have an opportunity to wake up the next morning and do over, whatever didn’t work the day before.  That’s the beauty and magic of life.  You have an opportunity to do over your life every single day.  You’ll never be able to time travel back in time or do anything like that.  The beauty is, you’ll be able to do over your life every day.

Ask yourself this question- “What did you learn today?”
What could you have done differently today and when those opportunities present themselves tomorrow, swallow the magic pill called do over and realize you have another chance to do something the way you should be doing it.