how to sext himWhen I say the words, ‘loosey, juicy, and goosey’ how do you feel?

That’s how you need to feel when you’re with a man you’re attracted to. You need to feel loosey, juicy, and goosey. When you’re with a man you like you should feel warm and tingly. A man should turn you on so much that when you hear the sound of his voice, you literally feel heat throughout your whole body.

When a man tells you how much desire he has for you, how much he wants you, how much he wants to taste you and kiss you all over, you need to feel loosey, juicy, and goosey all over. Nothing turns a man on more, than knowing he’s turned you on like that. The trouble is so many women are bad at sexting.

I’ve read so many text exchanges in my lifetime from men and from women.  It’s one of the benefits of being a dating expert.  People love to have me breakdown their texts, and it’s amazing how many of you don’t know how to sext.

Loosey, juicy, and goosey is how you want to feel yet, you don’t do anything to make the man crave you.  The other day a friend of mine showed me a text exchange.  He was telling a woman what he thought about her, and it was a beautiful exchange.  He told her that whenever he thinks about her, he gets all warm and fuzzy.

She came back with, “That’s nice.”

He went on to say, “It’s your lips. It’s the way you talk. It’s the way you walk.”

Again she came back with, “That’s nice.”

He was done.

Loosey, juicy, and goosey was not letting herself be free. If a man texts you that says he’s been thinking of you, and he can’t get out of his mind, if you don’t give him a loosey goosey response, he’s going to go elsewhere. Men are all about validation. Men love to know that their words, their actions, their touch, their whole presence just drives you wild.

It’s so important for us as men to get that validation. When we get validation, even if we just thought you were cute, you suddenly become one of the hottest women we’ve ever met. All because you’ve let your fingers do the talking, and sent us a few innuendos about how wonderful we are, and how much we turn you on.

Simple validation like that will keep a man hooked, and I don’t think a lot of women understand that. Like it or not, texting is here to stay. I’ve talked about that before.

So, the next time a man tells you he’s been thinking about you, let out your playful side. Because if he knows that he sends chills up and down your spine, that man is going to do everything he can to please you.

In fact, he’s going to become so obsessed with what he can do for you. Isn’t that what you want? Don’t you want a man who’s obsessed with pleasing you in AND out of bed?

Don’t you want a man who wants to be your best friend and lover?

Men are so much about words of affirmation, that when you’re able to do this, you’re going to unleash a man who wants to be everything for you. Loosey, juicy, and goosey… I like that. It really is that simple to hook a man!