What is it about people? What is it about people and the feeling that they’re going to miss something.

Let’s talk about the lure of Black Friday. Black Friday was yesterday. It has some kind of allure. People get this feeling that they just have to be out there shopping on that day. They think, “Oh my God, it’s Black Friday. I’ve got to be there!”

We all know that there are only two plasma televisions per store that they are selling for $529.00 and that there are no rainchecks . . . and yet we still go. People still go to that store thinking they are going to get the deal of the century.

Let me tell you, there is no deal of the century.  Every single day, you could have been getting deals in any store. It’s called having negotiation skills.

Granted, you can’t go into Wal-Mart and start negotiating deals on big screen televisions. What I like to do, though, is go to the small ‘mom and pop’ stores to negotiate deals because those are stores that appreciate your business, will negotiate and are going to give you the best customer service.

Always ask for a discount.  I always ask for some type of discount.  I say “Can I have a discount? Would you give a better deal if I pay cash? Can I save money on the taxes?” It doesn’t matter exactly what you say, but you never know until you ask.

To me, every day is Black Friday. Perhaps I am not going to get that $529.00 plasma television, but I am also not going to wait in line at 2:00 in the morning to get one.

Now I have a question to pose to all the single people who did go out shopping on Black Friday. Did you actually talk to people? Did you realize the power of Black Friday (that I talked about in yesterday’s blog)?

Did you heed the advice that I gave you in yesterday’s blog?  If you didn’t, then you missed really the best opportunity to get the best deal of the day — which was meeting someone who doesn’t want to spend the holidays alone.

Although people were not marked down yesterday, people do get lonely this time of the year. We start thinking about our events from the last year.  We think about how much we’ve dated (or haven’t dated) during the past year. We think about if we were successful dating.  

We also take inventory during this time of the year. We take inventory of our emotions, our thoughts and our feelings.

So ask yourself whether you missed an opportunity for some real human interaction yesterday. Were you out chasing the illustrious Black Friday deals and missed the biggest deal out there?