So you’ve got a date coming up.

Here’s what most people do:

They will set a standard time to meet—let’s say 7:00, 7:30.

Then they’ll text to confirm, and the text will usually be something bland and boring like this:

I’ll see you tonight at 7:00! Looking forward to it.

Wow, great! Sounds like every other text she’s ever received. It doesn’t sound like anything fun, interesting, different—nothing to pre-arouse her before the date.

I was talking with a client yesterday on the phone. He was taking a girl out later for a scavenger hunt. So I told him, throughout the day drop little clues and little hints about where you’re going to meet her, and maybe some ideas of what you’re going to do—without actually telling her.

You do this because it pre-arouses her. It gets her all intrigued. It gets her really interested in what you are about to do.

And it’s fun! And it’s different! And if you like her and think she’s cool, then you’re showing her a side of your personality that’s playful and fun.

To be honest with you, I do this when I find somebody interesting, because I want somebody to be fun, playful back right at me.

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I’ll send her little fun texts, trying to intrigue her mind, because I want a woman to do that back to me.

When I’m in the pre-arousal period, I’m going to see the type of person that I’ll be hanging with—I’ll see if she can play along with me or if she’s fun.

How she responds during this time tells me a lot about who she is as a woman. Is she fun, is she playful, is she uptight, is she tense, is she spontaneous? And that shows a lot of things.

And don’t forget: most people don’t do this! So it shows her that she’s with somebody who’s in complete control.

And let’s be honest: women want to be led. They want a man that’s in control. They like to be told what to do. They like to be told when to show up. And as long as you can tell them when to show up and what to wear, they’ll all be fighting for the date with you.

Most guys are so boring. And that’s the reason why they don’t get a second date. It’s about having fun.

So the next time you date, do something a little different. Intrigue her with some texts. Make her think a little bit. And more importantly, have her anticipate the date all day long. Because, to her, dating is just foreplay; the more she anticipates going out with you, the better the connection you’ll have.

It’s all about anticipation with women.

Don’t be a standard dater.  Be somebody who’s creative and playful and understands what dating is all about.

If you don’t really understand what dating is all about, I strongly suggest you check this out right now:

It’s time that you started getting second dates, third dates, fifth dates, and home-runs.

It’s time to stop being a one-and-doner.

Create intrigue. Get her aroused. Find success.