With a title like this, you all knew I would talk about the power of observation in this blog. Observation really is the key to life.

If you can observe what somebody is doing, you can communicate with people no matter where you are. Observations are the key to starting a good conversation.

Everywhere you go, you can make an observation. Everything about which you make an observation can be turned into a conversation.

There is one place, however, where you can’t make an observation. It is when you’re driving behind a truck or an SUV.

It’s like driving behind a wall. You can’t see anything.

I feel like I’m being totally detached from everything that’s around me. It drives me bananas. I hate being detached. I like to see everything.

So for those of you who have an SUV, think about trading it in so I can spend my time seeing more of the world.

And of course we will live in a much more fuel efficient world and everyone can see the whole world around them.

Just a bit of humor on this beautiful June Sunday!