How to become successfulSo today is Independence Day. All day and night, all over the States we’ll be waving our flags and letting off fireworks, all to celebrate independence, freedom, and all the other good stuff the day stands for. But let me ask you a question. Do you live every day like you’re a free man (or woman?) Do you spend your life doing the things you love? Are you living life from the peak? Or do you feel like you’re just stumbling along from day to day?

It amazes me how many of us live life as if we’re prisoners. How many of you are stuck in a job you hate, but you stay because it pays the bills?

How many of you date women you’re not really attracted to because having somebody is better than having nobody?

How many of you aren’t happy with your weight or the way you look, but haven’t done anything about it?


I hear the same excuses all the time. “It’s too hard. It doesn’t work. I have to pay the bills. I’m short and fat. That’s life. We’re not all lucky like you.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times before I’m through, the secret to achieving success in life is to have a winning mentality and strong mindset. I know some of you think that’s all BS, but there are too many examples out there for it to be not true. I don’t care where you are in life, or what cards life deals you, if you change your mindset now, you’ll experience infinitely more success than you have right now. I’m going to give you an amazing example of this right now.

Why Is THIS Guy More Successful Than You?

Nick VuJicic was born with a condition that left him without any limbs. That’s right. This is a man with no arms, and no legs. Can you imagine what it must be like growing up as a kid with no arms or legs? The bullying, the looks, the stares, and the pity people would have given him. You’d forgive the guy for having a negative outlook on life. You’d forgive the guy for thinking he was never going to live an amazing life, or enjoy any decent level or success. You’d forgive him for making some of the excuses I hear from some of you all the time.

The difference is, that as Nick grew up he changed his whole mindset, and now he’s known all over the world, he’s been interviewed by Oprah, he travels around the world as a motivational speaker, he has his own business, and he has an amazingly hot wife!

So why is he more successful than so many people out there? How was he able to achieve all these amazing things even with the massive disadvantages he faced?


He has a positive, determined, and strong mindset. He has a winning mentality. He wasn’t going to let life stop him. He wasn’t going to give up on living an amazing life, when he very easily could have. He ignored all the barriers in front of him, and went for it anyway, because he knew with 100% certainty, that he could achieve whatever he put his mind to. I mean, I think the guy even surfs and plays golf for goodness sake.

If you haven’t heard this guy speak then check out his video below….

So here’s the secret to success in life. Change your mindset, and change your attitude. Become the very best you can be at whatever you do. Even if you’re doing a job you hate, become the very best at it you can be. If you’re in investments and you’ve fallen out of love with the industry, still go out there every day and try to be the best you can. People will sit up and take notice, and other opportunities will come your way.

If you work in a burger bar and hate it because you want to work as a chef in a top restaurant, don’t mope around, slopping burgers together and giving your customers attitude. Be the best burger flipper anyone’s ever seen. You never know who you’re going to serve a burger to. One day, you could serve the owner of a great restaurant who’s taking his kid out. Guess what? This guy needs a new chef and gets into a conversation with you about how professional you are. Next thing you know you get a job interview.

You have to change your mindset. You have to learn to apply yourself 100% of the time to whatever you’re doing. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in your work life, or whether it’s approaching women, or it’s working on your relationships. You have to believe anything is possible, you have to crave success, and you have to want to be the best in everything you do.

There’s no point in going through life half-hearted. We get one chance in life. Once we’re gone, we’re gone. If you want to lose 100 pounds in weight, do the work and make it happen. If you want to become amazing at approaching women, go out there and do it every day, even when you’re not in the mood and feel bad about yourself. If you want to make lots of money, find a way to help as many people as possible and make it happen.

So many of you go through life as if you don’t care, and as if it doesn’t matter because life is just the way it is. Life is what YOU make it. Today is Independence Day. I want you to start living life as a free man/man, doing the things you want, and enjoying life from the peak. Thank goodness, we have the freedom on our country to live and attempt to achieve the things we want. Stop making excuses and start living!

In the video below, I talk about the importance of a winning mindset, and show you why learning to love the things you THINK you hate, is the key to success in everything you do.