Let’s talk about voice tone today, and the importance of voice tone. Let me give you some examples of voice tone that does not work.

Being soft-spoken when you approach a woman does not work. You know when you walk up to someone and say, “Wow, those are really great tomatoes. I’ve never seen tomatoes that good,” and then you kind of breathe and pause? That voice tone is a very insecure one.

You’re not making a powerful statement. When you walk up to somebody — and the tomato example might be the worst one in the world — you want to say whatever you’re saying in a very powerful, strong voice. You want to say, “I have never seen tomatoes that good in my life. Are they local? Are they organic?”

That, to me, is a powerful statement followed by a question she can answer. It’s amazing when you have authority in your voice, the difference you will notice in the way people act toward you.

One of the best little exercises to do is to stand on a street corner, when anyone walks by you ask them “Hey, can I ask you something?” Ask that question in a powerful voice, and everyone is going to stop. Ask it in a soft voice, like Michael Jackson, and people are going to ignore you.

Everybody responds to an authoritative voice. Everybody responds to a commanding voice. Everyone responds to a powerful voice.

One of the best things you can do is tape record yourself. You see how old I am – tape record? No one tape records anymore. They have a digital recorder.

In any case, you need to record yourself. Then listen to yourself talk and ask yourself, “Would I respond to that voice?”

Keep recording yourself asking the same question, but in different voice tones. How do you respond to the sound of each? We all respond to a very powerful voice tone because that’s what we’re trained to do.

When Obama ran for President, his voice tone was very powerful so he got elected. It builds trust in people when they feel like they’re talking to somebody who’s very authoritative.

Work on that voice, guys. If your voice is soft or quiet or can’t be heard, then you know you don’t have a powerful voice tone. Work on it. It’s so important. It’s ridiculous how important it is.