take responsibilityIt’s very funny. I was getting my haircut today. The guy who cuts my hair has been doing it for years. When he got to the left side he says, “How come the left side is so much longer than the right side? Are you taking steroids or anything?”

Obviously, I’m not. So he says, “Maybe it was me the last time I cut your hair. It’s unusual but maybe I didn’t do a perfect job. Strange.”

Suddenly, he smiles and said, “You know what? I sounded just like a woman not taking accountability didn’t I?”

We laughed because it’s so true.

A lot of women hate taking accountability. It’s like a character flaw. When you have an passionate mind, you emotionally connect to everything cruising through your brain and rapid pace, so you can’t take accountability for anything. You just listen to your emotions. Men tend to be more rational.

It’s like that movie Jack Nicholson did years ago “As Good As It Gets” where he was a writer.

There was a scene where someone asks him, “How do you write women so well?”

And his answer was, “I take out all rational thoughts and accountability. That’s how I write for women.”

Some women seem to have an answer to everything. There’s always someone else to blame. It’s funny because men are egotistical in other ways, but this is how women let their egos out.

But it’s not your fault.

It’s the way you’re wired. It’s because your emotions are constantly triggering, constantly firing, and constantly in a state of flux. Not all women are like that so I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just saying there are many. Don’t worry though because we love you no matter how much you frustrate us sometimes, and no matter how much you push our buttons. I know we push yours too.

As a man, it’s our job to be consistent and to avoid triggering you.

Men and women need each other, they really do.  Together, with a great woman, we’re far more powerful.  But, to get to that point, to get to that vulnerability, to get to that safe place for both of us is a real journey now a days. It’s a tough thing to look at yourself and say, “You know, if I can hold myself accountable for everything I’ve done, how come he can’t?”

If you’re brave enough to admit you’re one of those women who struggles with accountability, now’s the time to make a change, and take a little responsibility now and then.