This sexy woman is just an illusionYou’re out with friends, grabbing a beer. You’re talking about football, maybe your fantasy team, and how you didn’t draft Matt Forte.

And then she walks in. Woah, you say to yourself. You see her, you feel her, you want her. You want to do nasty, naughty things with her. You want to take your hands and put them in places that she just wishes they would go. This is the story you have in your mind, the sex you’re going to have with her, the relationship you’re going to have. She is so hot.

She’s got an ass that seems to reach for the stars, she has legs that are longer than the Lincoln Tunnel.

Her breasts are perky, almost like quarter moons that reach the sky.

Her lips are luscious red, wet and warm looking.

Her hair falls down over her back and absolutely turns you on.

When she smiles, it lights up the room. She’s it. She’s your it girl, man. She’s the girl you’ve been fantasizing about for so long. You really have to admit it: she’s the girl you’ve probably been masturbating to forever.

You get some balls up, you walk over there and you talk to her.

You’re nervous, your lip is quivering, you don’t know what you’re saying. You feel like you’re intoxicated but somehow, someway, you’ve managed to get her attention. You can’t believe it. You’re two minutes into this conversation and immediately you just want to leave so you get her phone number. She gives it to you and now it’s like you’ve won your fantasy football league. You’re the man. Everything is great, you tell your friends that you got the phone number.

You go out on a date with her and you don’t want to blow it. You go out on a second date with her and you plan insanely because you don’t want to blow anything. Next thing you know, you’re in a relationship with this illusion.

You know why she’s an illusion? Because you’ve given your power away to somebody who doesn’t deserve it. You’re making her seem so perfect that she can do no wrong because physically she’s everything that you ever wanted. So, now you’re involved with this illusion. And now I’m going to give you a cold slap across the face.

I want you to take your hand right now and I want you to fucking put into a fist and I want you to punch yourself right in the head, because that’s what’s ruining everything.

You know how I know this girl’s an illusion? Because I’ve dated her. I’ve got ex­illusions running all over the place. People look at me and go, “Oh my god, she’s so hot! How did you give that up?” Well, I gave it up because I got to know the real person. I got to know exactly who she is.

Hot girls are a dime a dozen. If you put this hot girl on a pedestal, you are going to give your power away and you’re going to be involved in a relationship with somebody that’s not going to satisfy you. She’s going to do no wrong in the beginning because you want to impress her so badly.

But she’s just an illusion. I have ex­-illusions. Women that you look at and think that I was out of my mind for giving up. But I wasn’t because they’re not as nice as they appear. Just like this hot girl that you so want so badly is not as nice as she appears, man.

You see, she’s just a person, and a lot of people are not good people. So, here, you’ve already looked at this woman, you’ve put her on a pedestal, you’ve imagined that she’s great, you think she’s the greatest thing in the entire world, but in reality, guess what. She’s an illusion. She’s an illusion.

What I’m trying to say is: keep your eyes open. Hot girls are a dime a dozen, man. Stop thinking that this girl’s perfect when she’s not. In fact, she’s far from perfect. These are all imperfect people. So stop looking at people and evaluating them on the way they look.

If you have the mindset that hot girls are a dime a dozen, guess what happens? The next time you meet a hot girl, you’re actually going to think about the way she thinks, how she feels inside, and how she treats you, instead of trying to overly impress her nonstop.

Remember: she’s just an illusion. That’s all man. Food for thought.