If you want to know the real reason why you’re having trouble meeting girls, you want to know why you have approach anxiety, social phobias, social anxiety, dating is hard for you, today’s video will explain it to you.

The amazing thing about having a daughter, or any child, is that children actually play with one another.

I want to go deep into something today that I think is going to be one of the most interesting topics we’ve ever discussed on the blog.

And it goes back to when we were young.

Recently my daughter had a birthday, she turned five.

It was really sweet.  The girls played with each other, the boys played with the girls.  It was a co-ed party, and probably one of the last co-ed parties she’s going to have until she starts liking boys again.

You see, the second we go to kindergarten, is when the the social phobia and anxiety starts.

Somebody is going to be teased. I remember exactly when it happened to me.

I was in kindergarten.

I liked girls.

A lot.  One of my best friends was a girl, her name was Diane.

My friend Jon and I competed to see who was the coolest kid in kindergarten, and I remember Jon saw me holding hands with Diane and that’s when the teasing started.

You’re holding hands with a girl, and then all the other boys who were looking up to Jon decided to join in.

I overcame it because I didn’t care. I was still so young and I didn’t understand the pecking order of boys and girls.

But in second grade something happened that literally changed my entire life.

In kindergarten and first grade I liked girls that played with me, and I got away with Jon’s teasing because I didn’t really care.

I moved to Scarsdale, New York. And in second grade I was standing by my locker, outside Ms. Edson’s class.

I was talking to somebody, I don’t remember who it was, and a girl walked down the hallway.

I said “she’s cute.”  He took one look at me and said, “girls have cooties.”

Girls have cooties.

What are cooties?

He told me that if a girl touches me, I’m going to get cooties.  If a girl goes near me, I might have cooties, and I need to have a cootie-shot.

I didn’t want to get a shot.  I had to ask my mom first if I got a shot.

He took two fingers together, told me to put my finger in it, and gave me a cootie shot.

That was the origin of my social phobia and anxiety.  I spent the next few years not liking girls, and by the time I came to like girls again, I didn’t know it was okay to like girls.

I forgot how easy it was to talk to girls because I spent four or five years only talking to boys, only hanging out with boys.

And during those four or five years when girls go from being cooties to being liked, all social phobias and anxieties happen. anxiety

Before you watch this video, I’m going to leave you with another thought. When I was watching my daughter’s fifth birthday, none of the boys had approach anxiety or social phobia.

As a matter of fact, they played with the girls, sat down next to them, talked to them, ate cake with them and treated them just like they were regular people. Because in our old mindset, in our pure mindset, in the mindset of exactly what we are supposed to be girls and boys were meant to play with each other. Girls and boys were meant not to be afraid of one another. Girls and boys were meant to just enjoy one another, because we are just people.

Today’s video is about the history of social phobia and anxiety. It’s a video that you might need to send to a lot of people. Once you understand where it came from, you start to realize that you should just go back to being that natural, sweet, beautiful five-year old that has no fear of playing with girls.