For those women out there who think that men won’t date you seriously if you’re a dirty talker, oh baby, let me tell you something different!

There is not one man I know who doesn’t love a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. We love when you’re sitting in the living room and whisper in our ears “I can’t wait to get you naked and suck your d@!k!” Not only will we rise to the occasion, we will leave a political fund raiser going on in our living room to do the nasty with you.

We love dirty talk! Dirty talk is what keeps us excited. Ask any man who’s been sleeping with the same woman year in and year out. He’ll tell you flat out that he’s bored out of his mind.

Tommy Lee got tired of having sex with Pamela Anderson.

Brad Pitt upgraded to Angelina Jolie (and I think Jennifer Aniston is hotter than Angelina Jolie!).

The bottom line is: If you want to keep your man satisfied, talk dirty to him!

I once dated this woman who used to always threaten me with this: She would call me in the middle of the day and tell me that if I didn’t come over, she was going to masturbate and make me listen to it while I was at work. She would also call me and leave me dirty messages on my voicemail. Did this woman excite me? Absolutely! Did I respect her? Absolutely!

I love a sexually up-front and confident woman. But enough about me . . .

Ask any man out there whether in the bedroom he would rather have a dirty talking slut, or a prim and proper Nancy Drew. The man will take the dirty nasty girl every time. So if you’re a lady, you better start to learn to unleash the dirty hungry girl in the bedroom.

If you need any suggestions, or you want to practice your dirty talk, feel free to send me a nasty email. I’ll let you know whether you’re a good dirty talker.

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