imagesDuring the holidays, a lot of us act like little children. We want to receive, instead of give. Look, don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love a great present under the tree?

Who doesn’t love getting the most generous person in your office as your ‘Secret Santa’?  But the real meaning of Christmas and the holidays is to give. By becoming a giver, you become a better, more well-rounded person. You also become more attractive, it actually preps you for your next relationship I truly believe the more giving of a person you are, the more it gets you ready for your next relationship. Right now, I want you to think about all the things you have in your house.

Look at everything in your house; things that you have, things that you don’t use. Go through every room. Look at your clothes. Look at your pots, pans, glasses, furniture, in your garage, everything. I want you literally to look at everything in your house. I want you to start practicing the art of giving. There are so many people during this time of year that are lacking, that don’t have what the things they need. Maybe you’ve got a friend that’s had a tough year. They haven’t been able to buy new clothes in a long time and you have a closet full of things you never wear.

You have a friend that is missing a sofa and you have an extra one in your basement. The list goes on and on. I give as much as I can, to my friends whenever I clean out my closet. I could easily sell my stuff on ebay because I’ve got nice things. But I choose to fill my friend’s closet with all my old clothes. Whenever I have things that I’m not going to wear or use; old furnishings or anything else, I constantly give those things to all the people I love in my life. When my maid comes and cleans my house, I’m always giving her a bag full of things she can take to her church and give away.

I’m always looking through my house for things that I’ve not used. I have a rule of thumb:  If I haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, I give it away.  If I haven’t worn shoes in a year, I give them away; jackets, everything. Whenever I buy something new, I make sure I give something away at the same time. I want you to practice that, especially during this time of year. There are people less fortunate than you and I. Start looking through your house at the things you have. Think about what you can give away. To friends in need, families in need, and others.

That’s the real meaning of the Christmas season, it’s to give. It’s something if you start doing now, you may always do it. Nothing makes me happier than to give things to my friends and to people who need it. It doesn’t matter what I paid for it. Giving is such a beautiful thing. It makes me feel so good to give to people. I learned that from a very successful person. It was a friend of mine named Tom Gal. Tom taught me about the art of giving. We used to travel together. Whenever we traveled anywhere, he’d go to an orphanage. We’d buy about $2,000 worth of clothes, food, presents and toys. We’d just give it out to the kids, it didn’t have to be Christmas time — it was any time.

Giving is so powerful. It means so much. I truly believe that those who give, get back 10-fold. They get everything and more. Giving opens up a channel of amazing energy in your life. When you open up that channel of energy, you will truly understand the art of this magical time. Put on a Santa cap, give — look through your closets and give. Go through your house and give. See how amazing it makes you feel to give.