Hey guys, Shogo here with the first Friday blog of 2012!

Well, the first weekend of 2012 is officially here.  Have you made plans yet to set things into action and go out and meet people this weekend?  Have you made resolutions to master your communication skills, go on more dates, get laid more often?  Have you started seeing somebody new and now you’re looking to turn this into something real instead of just another failed relationship

Whatever it is your goals are, the only way to get it done is by starting off on the right foot and actually taking action.  Start off the New Year with the right positive energy by setting goals for yourself and then following through with baby steps.

Maybe you want to go out for 5 hours each day this weekend and talk to as many people as you can instead of staring at your computer or watching the football games and wasting away your weekend.  Maybe you want to go out and approach three beautiful women and start a conversation with each of them this Saturday, and then do the same thing again on Sunday.  Maybe you’ve had your eye set on the cute Starbucks girl that you’ve never had the guts to ask out and now you’re ready to say, “Fuck it” and tell her you think she’s cute.

Maybe you already have an exact picture of how you expect it to go down all planned out in your head.  Maybe you can picture right now exactly the way it’s supposed to happen.

Momentum Is Everything

Whatever your vision is, whatever your goals are, right now is the time to set the tone for the rest of the year.  Your goals may just be in your head as dreams, desires, or New Years resolutions right now.  But the only way to make them a reality is by making a commitment to yourself to put your internal goals into action.  Make that internal decision to go out this weekend and follow though on your plans.

Take little baby steps if your need to.  Tone it down.  Maybe you don’t have the skillset right now to go out on Saturday and randomly approach five women.  Start off by approaching one woman and see what happens.  Then the day after, approach two women.  Maybe you don’t have the confidence right now to ask out the Starbucks girl.  That’s fine.  Start off by engaging her in a 15 second conversation.  Start off just by smiling and saying, “Hi.”  It’s all part of a much bigger picture, and that picture is how you envision your social life to look like this year.

The main thing right now is to make a commitment to yourself to take action.  Give yourself your word, and then keep your own word.  Put one foot in front of the other and just start doing something.  Momentum is the name of the game.  Get a start on something, even if it’s just a little tiny baby step, because that is the first step in following through on the bigger picture of your commitments.

By following through on your commitments right now, this weekend, you are setting the tone for the rest of the year.  You are rolling the ball into action and it’s going to start gaining momentum.  Then the next day, you take another step and put your goals even further into action.  And further.

The last thing you want to do right now is sit at the office, think about doing something, and then go home, order Chinese food and watch  YouTube videos or read some pick-up e-book until midnight.

You need to do whatever it takes to get your ass into gear.  o get that one foot even just a few inches in front of the other.  Think about it—how do you want to set the tone for 2012?  Do you want to start off with a bang?  Do you want to start off with the great feeling of actually getting one step closer to your commitments?  Or do you want to start off the year by sitting around thinking about how you’re going to plan your strategy?  Because that’s a waiting game you can play with yourself forever.  And yes, you will be playing with yourself…forever.