travel in style david wygantLets talk about how to travel in style. We haven’t covered this for a while, and it’s something I think that can dramatically change the way you feel about yourself so lets dig in.

So you’ve met a girl. You’ve started dating, and things are going well. After a few months you decide you’re going to go on a little roadtrip together. Not a major trip around the world or anything. Just to say, visit some of her family a few hundred miles away. You take the car, and you decide you’ll stop somewhere for the night and get some dinner out. It’s a nice romantic thing to do.

You get to check out somewhere new and spend the night together. You have a choice of two places you can stay. One is dirty old Motel 66. It’s out in the middle of nowhere. None of the lights are working outside the place. There’s beer cans and cigarette ends on the floor, and when you get to the reception it’s like you’ve walked onto the set of an 80’s horror movie. 

You look at the room. It smells of urine, the bed has stained sheets, and the television doesn’t even work.

OR, you can travel in style and stay at the second place. It’s in a busy, exciting part of town. There are tons of bars and restaurants everywhere. The place is clean, cool, and comfortable. The staff are all really friendly, and the room is clean, sharp, spotless, and waiting for you in the room is a bottle of champange, and a red rose for your lady. The bathroom is gleaming white, and there’s an amazing spa bath for you to slip into together.

So, which place would you rather stay?

Which place do you think your girlfriend is going to want to stay?

Obviously she’s going to want the nicer place. Now before you all start with the, “She’s just a gold digging bitch. She should be glad I’m taking her anywhere. If she’s only interested in the lifestyle she’s not for me.” Or the, “I don’t have money to spend on hotels. We don’t all have money like you David. You don’t know what it’s like…”

My whole point is, you don’t actually have to spend much money to travel  in style these days. Websites like,, in the UK, all make it really easy to stay in nice hotels, for only a few dollars more than you’d pay to stay in dirty Motel 66. You just need to look around, think ahead, and do your homework. You don’t have to spend a fortune to stay in decent hotels, the same way as you don’t have to spend a fortune to make yourself look good and feel presentable.

The way you put yourself together as a man has a major impact on your confidence, and the way other people react to you. I challenge you to have a look around on some of these sites, and see how little it can cost to travel when you look around, and do your homework. There’s no excuse for staying in a dirty hotel anymore. You deserve more, and any woman you’re dating deserves more. In the video below you’ll hear me reveal some other great ways to travel in style on a budget, and hear the story of a guy who ended up having a longer trip than me, in worse conditions, even though he only paid a few dollars less for his ticket!

Check it out!