So you’re dating someone new and they ask you this: “So tell me, how many relationships have you had?” At that point, you’re thinking “Here it comes…” It is almost like the ominous background music from a movie.

You know once someone asks you that question, that they are inevitably going to next ask you what went wrong in those relationships and why you are no longer with those people. When you’re first dating, people love to try and get a bigger picture of you.

They want to form an opinion of you. They like you, but they’re not totally sure about you, so they want to get some more information. They was to get the facts, so they ask you about your past relationships.

One word of advice to everybody who has to answer that question. You can talk about your past relationships all you want, but you had better talk about them in a positive light.

Never say that someone cheated on you. Never play the role of the victim. Always say something like, “I’ve had a few long-term relationships. They’ve all been wonderful. I’ve learned things about myself, and I have to tell you that I really respect the people I’ve dated.”

When you take the high road like that, the detective on the other side of the dinner table isn’t going to pick up anything negative about you. If it looks like you haven’t yet processed your past relationships, they will think you aren’t ready for another relationship.

So the next time someone asks you to tell them about your past relationships, you had better be ready to be 100% positive when you answer the question. If you are, then that person will think that you are someone with whom they could potentially have a relationship. They won’t be worried that if they date you and later breakup, that you will go around trashing them to others.