When I fly, I usually try to fly American Airlines because it’s easy and convenient for me. I am a platinum member so I get double miles whenever I fly with them, and I can usually get upgraded to business class most of the time.

I recently, however, had to get on the phone with United Airlines. As I dialed United on the phone I kept saying to myself, “Please don’t let it be an outsource person.”

United Airlines unfortunately outsources, so all of their calls are re-routed to India or some other foreign country. Because of this, when someone gets on the phone with me they of course can barely speak English.

It took me 25 minutes to accomplish something that should have taken five minutes. I had to repeat myself ten times. I had to spell out things for them that I shouldn’t have had to spell.

This can’t be efficient. It really can’t be.

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Yes, I know that United Airlines might be saving money by outsourcing. The frustration level it caused, however, was unbelievable and made me never want to fly United Airlines again.

The process I had to go through to get a ticket changed was ridiculous. It took me ten minutes just to get through the automated phone system and get to wait on hold for an agent. Getting a live agent was near to impossible.

I’m all for technology. I think technology is amazing. There are times, however, when you need to connect with a live human being — and one who speaks your language.

Look, I’m totally into the the fact that the world is becoming a global economy, and I believe in creating jobs for people. When you are calling customer service, though, you really want your language to be the first language of the customer service representative to whom you are talking. You really want to be able to communicate with them without having to repeat things and without having difficulty understanding every word they say.

How do you guys feel about this? As a business owner, I understand the benefit of outsourcing. How do you feel, though, when you call someplace and are put through a very complicated automated phone system and it’s nearly impossible to speak to the right person, and when you do get a live person they don’t speak your language very well?

How does that make you feel? Does it drive you as crazy as it drives me? I’d like to hear from you guys today about this. And how does this pertain to dating?

C’mon now that is so easy.

A great and funny conversation topic for your next date of course!