what does success mean?Success means something different to everybody. Some people are successful and they have zero money, but they live a very rich, rewarding life. Some people have tons of money, and they still don’t feel like they’re a success.

So, success means something different to everybody, and I certainly think that you need to define success in whatever you think it might be.

How you run your business and how you run your life really defines success. Let’s throw money out of it, because once again everybody’s got different money goals. I know I met somebody who’s a great teacher and he’s happy as can be. So, let’s not talk about money.

Let’s talk about running your business because you are your business. Whether you work for somebody or not, you are a business. You’re a business.

So running your business is really, super important. One of the things you need to know is your weaknesses. A lot of people do this all the time. They know they have dreams and aspirations, yet they don’t know their weaknesses. So they go and they start a business, but they realize they don’t have, well, what it takes to run that business.

The business is you. Any business that you do, the business is you. Whether you open up a carpet store, a party store, whether you’re an Internet person, whatever it might be, you are the brand no matter what. So, you’ve got to realize what the brand excels at and what the brand doesn’t excel at.

To me, it’s real simple. I’m a creative artist. I’m a complete genius when it comes down to spitting out content and programs. I can sit around and literally write 100 blogs in a weekend. I could sit around and shoot 50 videos on a weekend. It invigorates me. It excites me. It’s who I am, but if I had to sit around and do marketing with tests and figure out which word is the word that makes people buy something, I want to shoot myself in my ball. Why in my ball? Because it’s that painful.

I’m an artist. Tony Robinson said it best: There are four different types of people. Figure out exactly what type of entrepreneur you are, and then find the people that fill in the blanks.

So for me, I’m not organized. I know what to do every single day, and I kind of have a to-do list in my brain and in my mind, but I need other kinds of people to work alongside me. It’s extremely important to have somebody who’s extremely organized. Otherwise, I’m not going to be able to be successful.

All these years, the downfall for me was not having somebody who was super organized, i.e. a project manager, somebody who was really on top of things and who really took care of things on a daily basis. That way, I’m able to run my business accordingly.

And I’ve been in business a long time. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a lot of years, so I do know my weaknesses. And every entrepreneur will tell you we’ve left lots of money on the table, especially on a down year.

So success is all different things, but to run a business means you have to find out your strengths, your weaknesses, and you’ve got to hire people who are better than you, and you have to pay them. If you hire people who are better than you and you incentive them, they become motivated, and they actually give you the best of who they are. They’re not in their own business for a reason. They might be using you as a stepping stone, which is perfectly okay, but once again, you need to realize what your strengths and your weaknesses are because that’s what life is all about.

Don’t try to be everything. Don’t try to do everything. Don’t try to work everything. Just be great at what you are, and then find other people that are great at what they are, and then you have a successful business.