Angry manI’ve noticed recently how reactive we are as a society. When something sparks our emotions, we seem to lose all rational thought and go on the attack. It’s funny because if you look deeper into the things that emote you the most, you’ll often find it’s a sign of something you need to work on yourself. The next time you hear someone say something that angers you, the next time someone says something that stirs an emotion in you, the next time you read something that pi#’es you off, instead of immediately attacking their character or poking fun at them, ask yourself WHY it upset you so much?

Before you launch into an attack, try to understand the real reason you’re so angry. Ask yourself why it bothers you so much. Life is a miracle and it serves up lessons for us to learn every single day. The trouble is most of us are so busy reacting, we never take the time to actually learn the lessons on offer. Most the time when something triggers off a deep emotional reaction it’s because there’s something we need to work on ourselves. We always like to point the finger at other people. We always like to blame other people. In fact, I see it a lot on the blog. I see people poking fun at others when it reality it means they’re not taking responsibility for their own life.

It’s amazing what happens what happens when you dig deeper into what’s really going on. Think about when you were kids. There’d be a group of you and one of you would break a window or something. When an adult came out to find out which one of you it was, it was always the guilty one who made the most noise defending themselves.

Most of us carry this behavior into our adult life. So what is it about women rejecting you that makes you so mad? Is it really them you’re mad at, or the fact you know you need to work more on your confidence and you’re angry you didn’t “perform” as well as you should have done?

When someone makes a comment about people being overweight, do you get mad because you feel it’s wrong to talk about people with weight issues, or because you feel embarrassed because you haven’t worked hard enough on your own weight issues?

I’m not saying it’s the case 100% of the time, but more often than not it’s something within ourselves we’re angry at, not what the person has said or written. It’s time to start changing the way we react to things. Instead of jumping the gun and going on the attack, let’s look at ourselves and see if there’s something within us, that needs attention.