Five! Four! Three! Two! One!

No, it’s not the end of a football game. But isn’t that great when your team’s winning, you’re in the stands and you count down. “Ten, nine, eight…” What’s the point? They don’t hear you. The players could care less, and in their heads they’ve already counted down when the game was over anyway.

Sp here we are, December 31st, 2011, only a few hours to go until the most incredible moment of the year!
The strike of 12, when you’re standing in a room full of people that you have not talked to or connected with all night, and you desperately search around the room for the drunkest woman to kiss. That is the stupidest night of the year.

Most of you will be chasing the night tonight. You go out, trying to find the best party you can possibly find. When you get to that party, if it’s not good, you’ll say to yourself, “Man there’s no chicks here. We really need to go to the Holiday Inn bar down by Route 25, I heard there’s some cougars there that are looking to get lucky on New Year’s Eve.”
You’ll be searching all night long, when in reality tonight, all this night is, it’s just another Saturday night. It’s no different than last Saturday night, or the other 364 days this year. Who cares? You don’t need to go out with a bang.

In fact, you may not have had a bang the whole year. You don’t need to make amends, make up for bad parties, bad choices, bad dates, whatever it might be, by going out and trying to make this the greatest night of your entire year.

This is the most overrated night of the entire year, so instead, why not be proactive? Do something you actually enjoy where you know you’ll have a good time. Go see a movie, stay at home, have dinner with friends or family. Do something that’s more enjoyable. Invite some friends over and play board games. You’ll certainly be more stimulated, and really if you think about it you’ll be more bored, and definitely a whole lot more anxious, at a ridiculous, overrated New Year’s Eve soiree.

It’s time that you did something different this New Year’s Eve and stopped chasing the New Year. Allow the New Year to come to you. Allow the New Year to happen on its own, and allow the New Year to manifest the way it’s supposed to. You’re not going to make up for a year’s worth of bad nights by going out and maybe find someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight.
It doesn’t matter if you kiss some sloppy drunk person and have a funny story to tell going into the New Year. It’s not going to change your life or the way you are with women, just because you were able to make out with a sloppy drunk girl at the stroke of midnight, so stop being an amateur and act like a professional.

Professionals don’t count down at the end of the game. Professionals embrace the win and move forward and think about what to do the next day to become even better.