Men are looking for one thing. Guys always write me asking for the one thing they can do to avoid turning women off. They want one thing that will help them connect with women, and make them amazing on a date. Every day I get emails from guys wanting something that’s going to change their life. They want a magic answer. We’ve become a society of one magic answer. It’s as if there’s a giant pill we can swallow to make all our dreams come true.

People want a pill to lose weight, a pill to make them rich, a pill for a better sex life, a pill for a better relationship with your kids. There’s even a book called, “The One Thing.”

In reality, life is a series of one things. If you think about it, every day there’s at least one thing we need to work on. There’s always something we need to do to improve. It’s the same when it comes to meeting women. Today’s video looks at the ‘one thing’ mentality. There’s never going to be one thing. There will be a lot of things. There are always things that will make your life better. Life is a series of things you can build on.

I’ve made my life successful by going out every day and accomplishing one thing. I’ve made it my habit to improve one thing I need to work on every single day, because by doing that I change my beliefs and my reality.

Today’s video is long.  Today’s video is powerful.  Today’s video gets to the point eventually.  Today’s video is more important because it enables you to set your goals… and to realize that the number one turn off to women is the guy that comes to them with the wrong mindset.

Be prepared for some hard truths.

Be prepared to see something today that might make you feel uncomfortable.  Be prepared to change the way you think, because by changing your thought process, you’ll be able to find that one thing that’s going to bring you pure pleasure for the rest of your life.