It’s extreme honesty month.

And yet, yesterday I heard one of the biggest lies people tell…

Are you ready for the biggest lie?

Here it is: “You’re never going to find one this clean.”

When people are selling their cars they get some emotional attachment to the vehicle.  They think their vehicle is the best vehicle in the entire world even though they know their vehicle needs repairs.

“It’s the best out there…you’ll just needs brakes, and many other things…

…but you’ll never find one this clean.”

It’s funny because I actually looked at somebody’s car the other day.  It was cool, but not completely right for me.

Then the man turned, looked at me intensely and said, “You know, you’ll never find another one this clean.”

So I looked at him and I smiled and then started laughing.

He asked me ‘what’s so funny?’

I said, “Really. Really, you think I’ll never find one this clean? This is the only clean car that’s out there of the 26 million people that live in California—you have the cleanest car? Let’s take a look at this really clean car…”

So I walked around and I saw a couple of scuffs on the rim pointed them out.  I went in and opened the hood, checked out the engine, and made sure he saw all the grease in there.

“I don’t know, that doesn’t seem that clean…”

I walked around, found a good-sized door ding, and then a couple of paint chips.

“Come on man.  I can see that you took care of the care, but if you want to tell me that I’ll never find one this clean, well…the only clean cars are the brand new ones.  Those are clean.  Those are awesome.  Those are super, super clean.  This one? Not so much.”

So it’s time that you stop using those.  Yes, there are a million cars out there.  Yes, there are a lot of them that are super clean.  But it’s time that you stop using these little lies.  Nothing’s prefect, everything has a scratch.

I’ve been redecorating my new place.  Been finding a lot of stuff off on Craigslist, which is a lot of fun.

Now, furniture people are different.

When you ask them about an antique, you’ll probably ask them to tell you about the scuffs and scratches. They’ll go right ahead and show you. There’s really complete honesty.

Car sellers—and this is interesting—lie like crazy. And it’s funny because people hate going to buy cars from a dealer because they think the dealer is lying to them, but in reality the owner’s lying, the seller’s lying—they’re all lying.

That’s the reason why people hate buying a car so much because everybody walks around thinking that they’ve got the time machine from Back to the Future or something—some special car that I’m never going to find anywhere.

So it’s time we took extreme honesty month to another level.

In your negotiations that you’ve had with people, have you ever just wanted to ask them, “Are you kidding me?”

Have you ever wanted to call someone out for some ridiculous statement or generalization?

Now is the time.

It’s the last week of extreme honesty month—lets be more honest than we’ve ever been before.

You’re never going to find another opportunity like this one.