We hear the phrase over and over again: “The clothes make the man.”

Yet so many guys go out wearing the free t-shirt they got at the Microsoft Convention.  They wear the sweatshirt that they got at the barbecue.  They wear jeans that don’t fit them correctly, meaning they’re too big, too baggy, too over-dyed, what it might be.  A lot of men wear clothes that they bought 15 years ago or 10 years ago so that they get the most amount money out of them.

But here’s the deal: the clothes do make the man and that’s what it’s all about.

When you first meet a woman for the very first time, I don’t care if it’s a date or if you’re going to approach her in the super market: what you’re wearing tells her how you take care of yourself.  It shows her that you’re a well-made man, meaning you care about your appearance, you care about who you are, and you’re up on the latest trends and fashions.

Women in the olden days were all about fixing a man.  It didn’t matter what the guy wore because she knew once they got into a relationship she’d be able to go through his closet and basically eliminate all the bad clothes and get the man to dress exactly the way that she wants.

Those days have come and gone with the Internet and all the great online clothing stores. You can go get nice clothes at a discount without having to leave your home.  Women expect a guy to own his look and to have the right look for him.  It’s really important and it’s a detail that a lot of men forget about.

If you’re confused about what to wear, this is what I strongly suggest: go to your local department store, maybe a Nordstrom’s, a Bloomingdale’s or a Macy’s.  Find the cutest sales girl there is and walk directly over to her. Say, “Excuse me, I’m in dire need of a fashion make over.  I’ve got the worst taste in clothes and I’m tired of it, and I’d like to get your opinion on things. Take me around and show me exactly what I should be wearing.”

And then just go around and try stuff on!  When you come out of the dressing room, ask her what she thinks.  You can ask the other sales girls what they think too.  Ask some of the customers what they think.  It’s a great way to meet women, too.

You don’t buy much of anything at the first store because these women might be on commission, so they might not be telling you the truth. But go to another men’s clothing store and find another cute sales girl and ask her the same exact thing.  Do this all day long until you find the clothes that are in your budget that you like.

Make a list. Take pictures of what you like, so that way you know when to go back and what store to go back to and where to buy it.  Not only is it a great way to come up with a new look—which is going to be great for meeting women—but you’ll actually meet women while you shop.

Women love when you do this.  I do this all the time in my boot camps with the guys.  I always take them out and always get them to become the fashion victim. Women love doing make overs.  You can flirt and talk to them and hang out with them.  It’s a great way to practice your flirting skills.  It’s a great way to practice to approach skills, and it’s a great way to find a new wardrobe, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

. . .

So, in essence, the man makes the man; but, the clothes make the woman notice the man.