the best pickup pick up lineDo you want to know what the best pick-up line is?

Everyday, I get at last one e-mail from a guy that asks me, “David, is there one thing I can say all the time to get a woman’s attention?”

I always read those e-mails and think to myself, “Yes, there is one thing. It’s so simple. It’s so easy…”

But yet, in life, we try to over-complicate things by not keeping things simple and easy.

Do you want to know the most powerful word in the English language when a man first sees a woman?

It’s a word that you loved when you were a child.

It’s one of the simplest words ever.

And it’s only got five letters:


Put it all together and you have “hello”. And if you’re afraid of five letters, we can make it a two-letter word and use the word “Hi.”

When in doubt, and you don’t know what to say to a woman, use the best pick-up line ever.


Say it like you mean it if you really want to get to know somebody.

Life is energy, and when you meet a woman for the very, very first time, you’re just exchanging energy with her and that’s it. Hello can be said in many different ways.

There’s the timid hello that’s said in a very wimpy way. That hello usually gets no response.

Then there’s the really nervous hello. That hello is said very quickly, like you have no faith in the word.

Or you can do the David Wygant version of hello.

Own the word.

When I say hello, I look at a woman directly in her eyes, like I want to eat her for lunch; like she’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Hell, I even say “yummy” to myself several times, because I want her to feel my sexual energy when I say the magic five-letter word.

So with that feeling inside me, I’m already looking at her like she’s delicious, like I want to get to know every little inch of her. I turn on my sexual energy. So when I say hello, it speaks volumes and comes out confident and powerful. It comes out with her wanting to know the man behind the hello.

I know all of you right now are rubbing your heads and thinking, “But what’s after hello?”

Depends on where you are. She could be eating a muffin. You can say hello and then follow up with, “…that looks so good. What is that?”

She could be on the street and you can just say hello. You could look around and say, “God, there are a lot of people out today. What a beautiful day. Where you off to?”

Could be anywhere, could be anything, and it’s a beautiful word to use.

Practice hello. Go out there and have a hello practice. Just talk to people. Some people won’t say hello to you back. Don’t even worry. It’ll become the most powerful pick-up line in your arsenal.