Are you ready for the best line to meet a woman in?

Some of you might think it might be the line at a club.

Some of you might think it is a line at a bar.

You want to know where the best line to meet women is?  It’s a line that is full of women on a Saturday night.

The women that are in this line on a Saturday night are all guaranteed to be single—every single one of them.

Saturday night is date night.  So if a woman is waiting in this type of line on a Saturday night, it means that there is no man in her life.

So where is this line?

You are not going to find this line at any bar, at any club.  Hell, there’s not a line outside of Starbucks, even if they were giving away free coffee.

The best line to find the most available women on a Saturday night is the romantic comedy line.  

Romantic comedy line?  What are you talking about, David?

I’m talking about the local movie theater.  Wait in line at the local movie theater on a Saturday, and you’ll see women waiting in line.

It’s simple. Approach them.

You don’t have to ask them how many drinks they’ve had.

You don’t have to ask them how long it’s going to be until you get into the club.

All you got to do is ask them one thing:

“Hey there. I have no idea what movie I’m going to see tonight.  What’s good?”

Shut up, listen and allow her to talk.  And you open up the dialogue about movies.  It’s really that simple.

The majority of them will probably not be seeing The Avengers.  They’ll probably be seeing a romantic comedy.

If you really got balls, you’ll go to the movie that she goes to.  You’ll sit behind her, you’ll grab some extra popcorn, and you’ll pass it to her through her row to her.  You’ll share the popcorn from behind.  And then afterwards, you’ll go and talk about the movie after it ends.

How do I know?  Because I’ve waited in these lines many times.

Many times I’ve had instant-dates right afterwards.  I’ve even had a cup of coffee or dessert with a woman whom I just met a couple of hours before, in the best Saturday night line you could ever be in.

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