I got into a very interesting conversation last night at dinner. It wasn’t the Saki that got it started. It actually started because of a question I was asked in an email from 18 year old guy.

The question this guy asked me was this: “David, My girlfriend won’t sleep with me. Is that ok?” The whole dinner conversation about this email really came down to one thing — Who am I to tell this guy if it’s okay or not?

So I sent this guy a responding email in which I told him that my high school girlfriend also wouldn’t sleep with me, but that being with her was one of the best experiences of my life. All we did was engage in foreplay for nine months. That, in turn, really made my sex life as an adult different than it might have otherwise been because I learned in those nine months how to be all about pleasing a woman and making a woman feel good.

A friend of mine who got laid all the time in high school is one of the most selfish lovers I know. All he cares about is getting off.

So I concluded my email by telling this guy that he should enjoy what he’s doing with his girlfriend. He should appreciate what this is going to turn him into as a lover.

You have to be really careful whom you go to for advice. The advice you take from someone can shape or change your life for the good or (too often) for the bad.

What if you turn to a friend for relationship advice who has a history of being involved in awful relationships, and that person gives you the worst advice in the world? If you listen to that awful advice, that could cause your whole relationship to go right down the tubes.

As someone who gives advice for a living, what you say can have a major impact and long-term ramifications. I realize what a power that is over people’s lives.

Something I always challenge everyone to do — in my courses as well as in everything I teach — is to look deep inside, because the answers are always inside you. I am constantly challenging people to look inside themselves and to start trusting themselves.

So today, I’d like everyone to refrain from emailing anyone (including me and your friends), resist the temptation to call someone for advice, and spend the day asking yourself the tough questions. Write down your issues and problems on a piece of paper, and also write down the solutions.

Today is a great day to see inside yourself, and realize that the answers are within — whether they’re right or wrong. If they’re wrong, then the resulting experience is something you need to have and learn from for the next time.

So today, really look deep inside yourself. Resist the temptation to hit the send button on that email to me or anyone else. Resist the temptation to make that phone call. Resist the temptation to pour your heart and soul out to someone at lunch or dinner.

So spend today deep inside yourself, and realize the answer is within. This advice I’m giving you I give to myself whenever I have an issue or problem through which I need to work.

At the end of the day, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. Take a look in the mirror, and embrace and trust the person staring back at you.

This will be a very powerful Saturday for all of you.