man sewing his wild oatsI got a great e-mail today from a guy in New York.

He said it’s something that nobody ever mentions, and I thought it would be great to talk about today.

When you don’t want to cheat on your girlfriend, but yet you have opportunities, and still feel validated by them, how do you handle that?

As a man, we will always want to sow our wild oats.

It’s really fucking important for us to know that the opposite sex finds us sexy.

When we feel sexy, we feel alive, we feel validated, our egos are stroked, we feel really good.

We can be in a relationship and it can be great, but we still get off on feeling validated by a woman who wants to experience us in a very naughty way.

There have times where we’ve been single for long periods of time, and we truly enjoy it and we don’t want it to end, yet we meet a great woman and we think to ourselves, will this be the end of sowing our wild oats. Will we not be able to have this wild oat feeling again?

It’s just part of being a man. It’s part of who we are, no matter what stage we are, whether we’re in our 50’s, 60’s, 40’s or 30’s, the idea being locked down and locked up even though we need it and want it and desire it, and know how beautiful a relationship can be.

We still think to ourselves, will we lose the temptation to ever sow our wild oats?

We’ll never lose that temptation no matter how hot and how beautiful the woman is.

We’ll never lose that temptation to really ever be desired by other women, but it’s all choice.

You see, we’re all craving that one woman that actually allows us to be the most incredible sexy versions of ourselves where we can sow our wild oats with her, she can be our fantasy, she can be our lover and she can be our best friend.

So it doesn’t matter what age we’re at, we’re always going to have women come on to us, but we know that the temptation to say yes never outweighs the actual act. It’s powerful. It’s the way a man works. So to me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a loving, amazing partnership.

But I’ll never have that oomph, that oomph will never die. I’ll always still look at other women and think to myself, she’d be hot. But when you’re with the right woman, all you really think about is “I’m so glad I get to go home to somebody who sees the real me and I can sow my wild oats with her.”